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How To Not Waste Your Winter Break

How To Not Waste Your Winter Break

You did it—you finished fall semester. You clawed your way through presentations, dug out from under projects, scraped through your finals. It was ugly but it’s over now and that beautiful shining light of winter break is beckoning you. An overwhelming urge to do nothing falls upon you.


Through my intensive research on the “Winter Break” phenomenon, I have discovered an alarming trend among college students. I have named it the “Cuddly Bear Complex.” Do not be disarmed by its adorable name. Cuddly Bear Complex can and will suck anywhere from 2-5 weeks of your life away. Like a bear, you will want to go into a state of hibernation. You may feel the need to keep eating as if preparing for a long winter. And I know you’re thinking that because you’ve been productive for the last 4 months, you are immune to a disorder that targets the lazy centers of your brain. But I guarantee that one day you will wake up at noon, eat lunch, take a nap, wake up again and wonder what you’re doing with your life. And in 2-5 weeks when your roommate is telling you about how she became SCUBA certified in Thailand over break, you’ll feel bad about your poor life decisions (or lack thereof).

It’s not too late, though. Winter break has just started and there’s still time to do SOMETHING. So here’s “How to not waste your Winter break!”:

What you’re going to feel: A burning desire to do absolutely nothing at all.

How to combat it: First, I need to clarify the difference between “doing nothing” and “relaxing.” It is considered relaxing to catch up on a book series or watch your favorite TV show or a few movies. However, if you find yourself flipping channels for three hours or surfing the internet from sun up to sun down, you are doing nothing. Also, if someone asks you what you did all day and you can’t think of anything, you have done nothing. So to not do nothing, make lists. In fact, make 3 lists: a list of things that has to get done over break (Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, filling out that darn study abroad application), a list of things that you should do over break (back up your computer, go school supply shopping for next semester), and a list of things that you want to do over break (read books, go places). The next step... do the things on these lists!

What you’re going to want to do: Sleep and eat. Eat and sleep.

How to combat it: This is the result of post-finals sleep deprivation and the sudden abundance of food that flows from your kitchen. Two things: 1. Use your alarm clock. I know it’s break and you want to sleep in, but you’ll be more willing to do things if you wake up at 10 instead of 12, because when you wake up at noon you might as well just go back to sleep. 2. Think before you eat. When you open the refrigerator, ask yourself this question: "Am I hungry?" If the answer is no, then you just want to eat because you’re bored and this is bad because you’ll feel bad about yourself afterward.

What you’re going to think after break: I’ve done nothing.

How to combat it: Have at least one semi-exciting thing to tell people you did over break. For me, that fun thing is going to New York City with the boyfriend for New Year’s Eve! I mean, SQUEE! So if you’re a crazy person and you’re also going to be there on New Year’s (or a lesser crazy person just watching on TV), then look for me! I’ll be that girl kissing that guy at midnight, so I should be pretty easy to spot!

Merry Christmas, Sparklers!

Faye :)

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