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How to Throw an Apocalypse Party

How to Throw an Apocalypse Party

The world is ending tomorrow. Want to celebrate in style? Read our tips for throwing the best end-of-the-world bash ever.

1. Decorate! This might be the last party of all time, so make it count with streamers made of dollar bills and hang signs that share your true feelings such as, "Jack, I never liked you and only went out with you because of your accent."

2. Set the Mood! A good soundtrack could make or break your last day on earth. Compile some the-end-is-near tracks. Britney Spears' "When the World Ends" and Europe's "The Final Countdown" seem like a good start. Once you have a good list together, you're ready to dance!

3. Food and Drink! Forget about putting a food spread together yourself. Just have your friends bring non-perishable canned goods. Have a giant barrel to fill up with water. You guys will be glad you did this!

4. Mayan It Up! However, if you think it's not a party without some hors d'oeuvre, then make some traditional Mayan snackschocolate, corn chips, guacamole, and salsa are all pretty simple and easy.

5. Movies! Have a stellar movie list (three to four films) on hand just in case no one wants to dance and stuff their face anymore. We recommend 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, War of the Worlds, Armageddon, and From Prada to Nada.

6. Party Favors! Have some weapons on hand in case the world ends earlier than expected and there are zombies or looters to deal with. We recommend baseball bats, golf clubs, and just any sporting equipment you might have lying around your garage. A light saber would be perfect, if you have one.

7. Safety First! Once everyone is inside, tape up your windows and doors. Broken glass is a hazard!

8. Enjoy. You worked hard to make this a party a success and it's probably the last one you'll ever attend. If, however, the world doesn't end, prepare to do some major clean-up once the party is over.

How will you celebrate the end of the world?

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