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Blogging My First Midnight Premiere

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Blogging My First Midnight Premiere

My family isn't into movies, and they're not into staying up late, so they never even thought about midnight premiers. That's why I was so determined to attend The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at midnight on December 14th. I've never been to a midnight premier before.

11 PM: So glad I didn't wear a costume. Everybody says it'd be the coolest thing and then no one shows up in costume, or they make up dumb jokes like "Dude, I did come in costume! I'm FroYo Baggins!" (<—Definitely didn't ever say that.)

11:23 PM: Legitimate Gandalf just walked by. I just hope what he was smoking was Old Tobey.

11:30 PM: They're letting us in!

11:35 PM: Cool, my college's combat club is doing a reenactment of a scene from The Hobbit. I mean, I guess that's cool.

11:36 PM: Okay, it's not really that cool, but I'm staying positive. Their Gandalf doesn't even have a beard, but I'm staying positive.

11:37 PM: Gandalf just hit the Great Goblin in the nuts and I don't think it was an accident, but I'm staying positive.

12 AM: The movie's about to start! My friends are already looking tired. So glad I illegally snuck in these energy-yielding Jelly Belly Sport Beans (TM).

12:01 AM: If I had bought a ticket for IMAX 3D, I could be watching the first 9 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness right now. But then I'd have to watch the movie in IMAX 3D.

12:45 AM: The guy next to me just fell asleep.

1 AM: Now he's snoring.

1:15 AM: He just woke up and whispered, "They found Dumbledore..." then went back to sleep.

2 AM: These sport beans really work. I don't even have the desire to lower my eyes to half-mast.

2:30 AM: Now the sleeping guy is whisper-singing "Who Let the Dogs Out," and I have no idea what to do.

3:01 AM: Hobbit premiere bested with no sleepiness.

4:30 AM: (Still awake) Those sport beans really work...

Have you ever been to a midnight premiere? What was it like?

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