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Your Winter Break Bucket List

Your Winter Break Bucket List

December is a month to reflect on all the good and bad of this past year. As schools begin to set us free we must take inventory of the things we've done and have yet to do. A winter break bucket list is the perfect way to assign challenges to yourself and check them off one at a time. Here, we've listed a few suggestions for you to take on.

1. Build the most insane gingerbread house you could possibly think of

Christmas is sneaking up on us quicker and quicker. This means your opportunity to build a gingerbread house might be slipping away from you. We know you'll be tempted to make one of those tiny cottage replicas that look like the cast of Leave it to Beaver live in. Why not go the distance, though? Don't sell yourself short! Call up your egghead friend who's good at math and draw the blueprint for a house that'll make the Taj Mahal look like a log cabin. Throw in a hot fudge Jacuzzi, build a movie theater made entirely of Starburst and Fruit Roll-Ups, and don't forget about a garage with cars made of Peeps. Get all MTV Cribs on that gingerbread house! ...and then Instagram it, Facebook it, and let the Likes roll in...

2. Skateboard as Santa

Santa Claus: beloved by children, mocked by adults and teens. Sad, isn't it? You must un-sad-ify: Throw on the Santa suit, call up your crew, and hop on those decks. Skating as Santa might be the next best tradition to hit your town. Who wouldn't love a gang of Santas on wheels gliding around? Bonus points if you load up a bag with presents and hand 'em out to passersby.

3. Rock a sweater so ugly that even your grandparents get angry

Ugly sweater season is in full swing. The best of the worst are out there. Jump into it with your own ugly sweater featuring reindeer, snowmen, elves, Santa, or all of the above! The goal is to find the perfect sweater that makes your grandparents scrunch their faces and mutter words that were banned from books in the 19th century. If you can manage to make grandma's ears turn red, then congratulations on scratching this off your winter break bucket list.

4. See every Best Picture-buzz movie in 1 day

Winter break isn't only about the holidays. As the year draws to a close the Oscar nominees begin flooding theaters. How about watching as many buzzworthy films in one day as possible? Start with the matinees and go right up to the midnight showings. Your butt might fall asleep and you may never wanna see another plastic tray of nachos smothered in neon yellow cheese, but you will certainly have the upper hand in your Oscar pool. And between Lincoln, Argo, Flight, The Hobbit, Wreck-It Ralph, Django Unchained, Zero Dark Thirty, and Les Miz there is no shortage of choices.

5. Build a snow army, not just a snowman

If you live in one of those states that get the cold stuff, then this is your time of year. Once the snow begins piling up the fun never ends. While most people are content with a snowman, we suggest building an ENTIRE snow army. We're talking the general, the sergeant, the privates (tee hee), every…single…rank. And when you've got your front line of snow soldiers, be sure to position them on your neighbors' lawn for an extra special surprise when they walk outside.

6. Say good-bye to 2012 with your own montage of highlights

Cue the '80s song with the sax solo and synthesizers! A montage is the perfect way to show time elapsing and you'll be able to reflect on the past year with a montage of your own. Collect your favorite videos and pics and cut 'em together mash-up style. If you can track down Judd Apatow to do this for you, even better! Invite your friends over, and let your masterpiece impress them all.

What are your winter break plans?

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