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Sparklife Terms and Their Definitions

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Sparklife Terms and Their Definitions

Note: I wrote this article in July 2012, and the Sparkitors put it up. I decied to re-post it in the new Sparkler Posts section. I also added a few terms I missed the first time around. Most of it is exactly the same; it's just updated.
It’s not uncommon to see the comments section filled with questions about some of the terms being used. What does LW stand for? Who is Gary? What does BAM mean? Many new Sparklers feel silly for not knowing, even though no one knows when they are new to SparkLife. Trust me, I’m still learning myself! It can take a fairly long time to learn what everything means. But fear not, new (and even old) Sparklers! I’ve collected some often used terms that will come in handy. You’re welcome.

Bam: an interjection of triumph given when being the first person to comment.
Friampion: someone who wins a Friward.
Friday Awards: the posts where great comments from the week are recognized.
Friward: Friday Award.
Gary: the monster who haunts SparkLife. To be more specific, Gary is a virus that eats comments, eats emoticons, rearranges comments, messes with comment times, and doubles comments. He does more, but you get the idea.
LW: Letter Writer, usually seen in the comments section of an Auntie SparkNotes post.
Mankler: a male Sparkler.
NBK: never been kissed.
Open Thread: a daily post where Sparkler’s talk about random topics; it's the best way to meet people on SparkLife.
OT: Open Thread.
Punishment Salmon: the fish Auntie SparkNotes uses on those who need a good slap to the face. Don’t be afraid to borrow it.
Realm of Lost Comments: where lost comments are found, which is also where Gary seems to live.
RLC: Realm of Lost Comments.
Sarcasm hand: used when showing sarcasm. For example, “I hate SparkLife (sarcasm hand)!”
SO: significant other.
SL: SparkLife.
Sparkitor: SparkNotes + editor = Sparkitor
Sparkler: someone with a SparkNotes/Sparklife account; the term is usually gender neutral, but can be refering to just the ladies in some cases.
Splogger: SparkNotes + blogger = Splogger
Splurking: what a Splurkler does.
Splurker: someone who reads the articles but never comments on anything.
Viper: extremely awesome.
ZOMG: Zombies! Oh My God!

Did I miss any terms this time?

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