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How to Date Someone Who's Crazy For Christmas

How to Date Someone Who's Crazy For Christmas

It's okay to love the holiday season. Why not? It only comes once a year. But if you're dating someone who is cuckoo for Christmas, you might be finding yourself in strange territory... a whole new, snow globey world. So what do you do when this happens? Well, you strap on your Santa boots and go for a ride. Here are our tips.

10. Enjoy opening treats in the Advent Calendar.

Okay, this one is easy. Maybe a piece of chocolate or weird origami ornament isn't that exciting to you, but the anticipation of Christmas and the mystery of what's in store for today can be really fun. Besides, you can make your own Advent calendar with things you do enjoy. (Hunger Games, anyone? Each door could feature a weapon, medicine, or tool.)

9. Discover new holiday songs.
The old timey "Jingle Bell Rock" isn't doing it for you? That's fixable. Tons of popular (and not so popular) bands do holiday covers and albums. Try Imogen Heap's "Just For Now" for some modern merriment. Or maybe listen to a new classic, Sufjan Stevens' Songs For Christmas. Hey, you may find something your Christmas freak BF/GF hasn't heard of before! Bonus points!

8. Watch Tim Burton holiday films instead of It's a Wonderful Life.
You know what they say about dating and scary movies... well, we can't remember, but it's something like they go together well. Skip all the yuletide cheese and go right for creepy faves like Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Christmas is close to the longest, darkest night of the year, after all. It was meant for Tim Burton.

7. When it's time to deck the halls, deck your head!
You've decorated your share of Tannenbaums but that's amateur hour for true Christmas die-hards. Do not be surprised if your sweetheart asks for a hand up on the rooftop. If home improvement and landscaping isn't your thing, show your crazy Christmas spirit by decorating your own sweater and crown. It doesn't matter what you decorate, just as long as your decorations are over-the-top.

6. Eat cookies.
Cookies make people happy. So when you feel like you're running a little low on spirit, get to chewin'... or crunchin', depending on your preference. Serve them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and your SO will appreciate your holiday spirit.

5.  Do NOT go holiday shopping together.
No matter how much fun he/she tells you it will be, it will not be nearly as great for you as for him/her. Trust us on this one. Sit it out unless you love long lines and shopper sweat. If your Christmas-friend demands that you shop together, suggest online shopping. One of you can use the mouse while the other controls the keyboard. Romance!

4.  Build a gingerbread house together.
It's messy. It's frustrating. It takes more time than you realize. But it's better than shopping together and the end result is edible architecture. Of all holiday dates, this is the most fun.

3. Be sympathetic to his/her belief in Santa Claus.

Look, it's going to come up whether you're prepared for it or not. Be respectful, smile, nod, and hope that your pumpkinface doesn't realize that you're a doubter.

2.  Wrap presents together!
This one is a bit mean, but since your SO loves the holidays so much, use that to your advantage and have them wrap all presents. Start things off by first doing a horrible wrap job. Your holiday-honey will laugh and say, "Here...let me do that." This will give you time to check Facebook and take a nap.

1. When you've had enough, take a break.
Okay, so you took all of our advice and it's just too much holiday overload. You tried. You did your best. That's all we can ask. Turn off the twinkly lights, blow out the pine candle, and put on a good summer blockbuster. Alone, just for a little while. Ahh, solace. Peace and good will to all.

Would you date someone who's Crazy For Christmas?

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