A Proposition: NBK-Anonymous

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A Proposition: NBK-Anonymous

Good evening sparklers and manklers! I have a proposition for you. I propose that we here at SparkLife create a chapter of NBK-Anonymous, a well-established organization that I did not just make up (my sarcasm hand is raised so high it got frostbite and fell off). Membership would be open not only to NBKs, but also BKs who have returned or wish to return to their NBK ways. Weekly meetings would consist of new members introducing themselves and all members discussing their experiences relating to their NBK status. A sample contribution from yours truly follows below:

My name is Sydney and I am NBK. I am a seventeen-year-old girl from Texas. I love crisp autumn air, Christmas, my family, cupcakes, and Taylor Swift. Speaking of which, I am a major hopeless romantic. In addition to T-Swizzle's soul-wrenching jams, I adore romantic comedies and Jane Austen novels. I like to laugh at the irony of this character trait of mine, because of my complete lack of romantic experience. In addition to my NBK status, I have never been in a relationship. I am often hopelessly confused by boys.

So, my fellow sparklers and manklers, what say you? 

NOTE: I have taken the liberty to use the NBK flag for this post. I must, of course, give credit to ChocolateyFingers, the creator!

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