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What Your Winter Coat Says About You

What Your Winter Coat Says About You

It’s officially cold enough that walking outside without a jacket is a recipe for snotsicles and misery. But freezing weather doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Whatever your attitude, there’s a jacket that’ll communicate it to the world. What does your outerwear say about you?

Trench Coat
The hallmark of classic fashionistas, film noir detectives and streakers, the trench coat got its start in the British military as an optional dress item for officers. Well-insulated, waterproof, and cleanly cut, the trench coat tells people you have it together. You’re likely to grow up to be a reporter, or one of those people who bustles around Wall Street. It’s hard not to take someone seriously when they’re wearing such an authoritative item.

Parkas are straightforward, usually puffy warmth cocoons that are perfect for the dead of winter. They’re not usually designed to be visually appealing, but they will keep you comfortable while other people freeze their butts off for the sake of style. These jackets give off a utilitarian vibe with a dash of coziness. Donning them marks you as a dependable and well-liked friend. If you were a parka, you're an all-around good egg.

Ski Jacket
Sporty, bright, and meant for action and adventure, the ski jacket was made for the rough and tumble mountains. Off the slopes, this style is conducive to fun, from sledding to snowball fights. Popping on a ski jacket marks you as cool and crazy. Just make sure to leave your family’s season passes to the local resort off the zip, because no one likes a showoff.

Grungy, Ripped, Stained Hoodie
The universal item in the back (or front) of everyone’s closet, the old hoodie is one part security blanket, two parts rebelliousness and counter culture. You can recall the origin of every weird stain and the rips and tears are usually a sign of repeated and loving wear. On the flipside: sweatshirts are not that warm. Wearing one in lieu of a coat that’ll actually keep you warm is a big “Up Yours!” to the winter weather at large. That plus the stains may make most of society look at you with knitted brows, but the rest of the teenage population will nod with recognition and respect. If you were a hoodie, you're a rule-breaker and a bit of a rebel.

Capes are so much more than superhero wear. This style of jacket is the fastest and easiest way to entrench yourself as a trendsetter. It’s not actually a sheet you tie around your neck but rather a structured, typically short, sleeveless piece of outerwear. It’s definitely an alternative style, but looks so good paired with skinny jeans and boots. Daring to wear this avant-garde style tells everyone that you’re not afraid to take risks. Also you probably look fresh to death all the time.

Military Jacket
The typical military jacket is olive green and subtly trendy. This style of coat mixes well with most people’s wardrobes, layers well, and usually has a lot of pockets. As such wearing this median style tells people that you’re level headed and likely to have snacks on hand. You’re generally a good time.

Leather Jacket
From James Dean to the Ramones, the leather jacket has always been synonymous with cool. Bombers and bikers, blazers and reefers—there are plenty of options within the category of leather jacket, and all of them connote a sense of general awesomeness. Wearing a leather coat lines you up in the long tradition of legendary badasses, and some of their coolness transfers to you.

Sooooo, what does your winter coat say about you?

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