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Gifts For Your Older Siblings

Gifts For Your Older Siblings

Your big bro or sis is growing up. They're making their way in the world, paving it with knowledge and experience so that you can learn from them. Or so they want you to think. The truth is you can manage on your own just fine! I may be the baby in the family, but I'm still an adult and my love for Disney doesn't contradict that in any way!! Ahem, where was I? Oh yeah—your older siblings are now young adults, out on their own, and they need gifts that reflect that. Here's what to get your siblings if they are...

in college.

  • Magnetic whiteboard. These things are great for remembering classes and assignments, writing little notes to your dorm roomie, or just doodling and hanging up pictures!
  • Messenger bag. Despite popular belief, you can't just use a laptop for college. Think about it—carrying that thing all around campus, making sure it's constantly charged....even in this technology-based world, students still need binders and notebooks. And they need something to put all those supplies in. If you see a cute bag that your older sibling will love, get it for him!
  • Care packages. These are great for anyone enduring finals madness. Post-finals care packages work just as well; they serve as a "congratulations" for surviving it all! If your sibs are far away, fill their care package with things that'll remind them of home and friends.
  • Starbucks packets. With all the studying, homework, and all-nighters, your bro or sis has probably developed a taste for coffee. Nothing wrong with getting a packet of caffeine!
  • Flameless fragrances. Plugin fragrances are much handier than candles, and a lot less dangerous. Your sib probably needs something to get rid of the smell of takeout and pizza in her room.

moving into a new apartment/house.

  • Kitchen items. Anything from dish towels, to cooking utensils, to oven mitts will always come in handy.
  • Candles. Now that they have a place for themselves, candles are okay to have. Especially in case of power outages. Buy their favorite scent to remind them of home!
  • Favorite movie. Get them a movie to add to their new home collection! If there's a TV show they love, buy them a box set.
  • Coffee/End table. If you have other siblings, chip in to get your older one a new table for her apartment.
  • Homemade food/baked goods. If you can cook, make your brother his favorite food! Or you can write down recipes for him to follow. If you can bake, desserts are always nice. Considering it's the holidays, you might want to make some... I don't know, cupcakes, maybe?

getting a new full-time job.

  • Work clothes. You can never have enough work clothes. If you have an older brother, get him a tie. Get a nice blouse or skirt for your sister.
  • Daily planner. No matter what kind of job they have, organization is important. A cute daily planner will help them prepare their day and get everything in order!
  • Alarm clock. If they're like me and have subconsciously learned to block out the alarm on their iPhone, then an alarm clock is a necessity.
  • Lunchbox. Isn't it kind of funny to think that we'll never really stop using lunchboxes? From school to work, they're a great alternative to, you know, actually paying for food.
  • Picture frames. Assuming they'll have a desk or area to put these frames on, you can never go wrong with pictures. Put a photo of yourself in or your whole family to show you support them! Just don't act too shocked if they replace the photo with a picture of their new SO for the week.

What you getting for your older siblings this Christmas?

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