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25 Reasons to Celebrate December 14th (Hobbit Day!)

25 Reasons to Celebrate December 14th (Hobbit Day!)

If you need a reason to grin, check out the list below.

1. The Hobbit is here! Did you see it? Was it good? Who is your favorite Dwarf? Did you need a pee break? Was it boring? Did Gandalf let anything pass? Did Hagrid tell Harry he’s a wizard?

2. Did you like the part in The Hobbit when all that stuff happened?

3. Did you dress up to see The Hobbit?

4. Hobbit!

5. For those who didn’t see The Hobbit last night, here are some thing you can say to make it seem as though you did see it:

“It was awesome when Gandalf was all like, ‘Adventure!’”

“I really hope the next movie features more walking! Walking is the best!”

“OMG! It was so cool when Hobbit fought that creature. Hobbit is my favorite dwarf!”

6. If you saw The Hobbit and didn’t like it, that’s OK. You don’t have to enjoy something just because it’s part of nerd culture. Being a nerd isn’t about loving everything nerdy. It’s about loving specific things with unbridled passion. Some folks love Star Trek, some folks love The Hobbit, and some folks love chamber music performed by computers.

7. Speaking of computer music, check out this relaxing, yet addicting music game called January. Catch snowflakes on your tongue to make sounds, just like in real life.

8. Make Peppermint bark! And then make peppermint bark! (In the first sentence “bark” is used as a verb and refers to a dog named Peppermint, obviously.)

9. Consider This: If you ask Santa for coal, and then misbehave, does he bring you toys and Assassin’s Creed 3?

10. This is the last week of our lives. Enjoy this precious time with loved ones and don’t waste it by watching this cute video of a porcupine eating.

11. Word of the Day: Tangent. Definition: A gentleman with bronze skin. Example: The tangent of 57 is Mr. Bigsby with the leathery skin.

12. Happy Birthday, Vanessa Hudgens! Can we call you “Nessa”...because we’re going to anyway.

13. Elf Quote of the Day: “[Burrrrrp] Did you hear that?”

14. On this day in 1929, something amazing happened but no one was around to write it down and we didn’t have Instagram, so it was forgotten forever.

15. It’s Monkey Day.

16. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is on TV again tonight. It’s just like The Hobbit, but with more commercials and more efficient storytelling.

17. If you need to buy a fake rubber snake for Christmas, go to Yep, it’s exactly what you think it is.

18. If you watched that porcupine video above, you're probably craving corn right now.

19. Craft Idea: Bowling balls are the perfect way to give pupils to your titanic snowman.

20. Winter is almost officially here. (Winter is the name of the spider on the ceiling.)

21. Rumor of the Day: Deep caves in Brazil are the only place in the world to find blind, featherless turkeys, whose venom is known to cure cavities.

22. Final exams are almost over! Yay! (“You’re stupid, Dan. I don’t have finals this week. My school has final exams during April and every ninth Monday, and our midterms are in the wee hours of October. You should know that!” - comment that is bound to appear below.)

23. It’s time to make your top ten lists for 2012. I’ll start!
Dan’s Top Ten Teeth of 2012

24. Tomorrow is Saturday! And you can watch The Hobbit...twice!

25. Quick Poll:

Poll Question

What’s the Biggest Problem With The Hobbit Movie?

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