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Watch These Fake Movie Trailers!

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Watch These Fake Movie Trailers!

Like you, Masterminds, our scale of fandom for everything pop culture knows no bounds. So we’re sure you’ve had those moments where you’re suddenly struck with the thought: “Hey, wouldn’t this make an AWESOME movie?” Well, the internet totally agrees with you! There are fake movie trailers out there for everything, from Dora to Skyrim, and we've collected the best of them here for your viewing pleasure! Don’t be surprised next time you catch a show at your local cineplex if you realize that some of these trailers have been made into real movies!


This awesome game themed trailer is based on Bethesda Softwork’s smash hit game of 2011, Skyrim. Here there be dragons and fire and AWESOME! We were addicted to playing Skyrim (and have the overgrown thumb muscles to prove it), and we can’t imagine we wouldn’t be anything other than totally geeked to watch dragonborn vs. evil get their fight on in this dragon-tastic drama!

Batman And Superman

Step aside, Avengers. Get lost, Green Arrow. There’s a new superhero summer blockbuster in town. The Bat and the Man of Steel. Two superheroes, no waiting. This trailer is as close to a buddy comedy as comic book fans will ever get. We suspect The Joker and Lex Luthor are about to have a very bad day.

Dora The Explorer

Think Dora The Explorer is only something that your kid sister geeks out about? Think again! Check out this explosively awesome trailer for a Dora The Explorer movie starring Modern Family’s Ariel Winter as the always unflappable Dora. Spoiler alert: Swiper swipes stuff! This is something we’d definitely go out of our way to see. Be warned, though, it’s probably not appropriate for your kid sister. She’s better off sticking to Dora reruns on Nickelodeon.

Angry Birds: The Movie

If you’re anything like us, Masterminds, you cannot get enough of Angry Birds. Those pig poppin’ avian aviators are everywhere. There’s Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, and now the coolest Angry Birds, ever: Angry Birds STAR WARS!!! For casual gamers and fanatics alike, we present the trailer for Angry Birds: The Movie. Do not attempt to swipe the screen!

Legend of Zelda

Quite possibly the coolest fake movie trailer in our lineup. Can’t you just see this being THE monster hit of Summer 2013? Added bonus: it’d help everyone forget about the Super Mario Bros movie. Sadly, this Zelda trailer was an April Fool’s Day prank, but how cool would a real Zelda movie be? We can dream, or we can ask a question that a fellow YouTube philosopher has already asked: “NINTENDO, WHY U NO MAKE REAL ZELDA MOVIES?”

Which one do you think should be made into a real movie?

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