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These Are the Greatest Holiday Gag Gifts, Ever!

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These Are the Greatest Holiday Gag Gifts, Ever!

The time for gift-giving is here, and just about everyone has that one relative who loooooves to dole out gag gifts or old school novelty items come present-opening time. Or, maybe that’s YOU! So we decided to check out the ho-ho-hokiest holiday-themed items we could find in both anticipation and celebration of the gag gift! Here are a few of our faves:

Christmas Smencils

Write with these scented pencils, and waves of cinnamon, gingerbread, or peppermint will (allegedly) waft through the air. They’re 100% recycled, so at least innocent trees didn’t have to be sacrificed for their smelliness! BTdubs, We didn’t even know they still made pencils out of wood!

Hanukkah Candy canes

Who says candy canes are just for Christmas? These blue and white ones got a “Jewish makeover,” according to BaronBob, one of their online vendors, who also noted that even “Rabbis will love them.” Well, OK then!

Freudian Slippers

These are the only thing(s) on this list we might actually want. Not is it a physical manifestation of a fantastic pun, you get to have the famous bespectacled psychoanalyst sit atop your feet? Definitely a fun way to warm your toes!

Animal Neck Wraps

These wraps by Warm Whiskers seem to be targeted towards the “crazy cat lady” demographic, because, really, who else would want a somewhat life-like furry cat wrapped around their necks when sleeping? They also come in golden retriever.

Christmas Boogers

Yes. These are tree ornaments that consist of boogers wearing Santa hats. And, in their own way, they’re kind of cute. Maybe next year, they’ll make a runny nose tree topper!

Drunk Santa Claus Clocks

Santa’s still standing in the image of him on this clock, but he’s got a bottle of whiskey in his hand and is in mid-swig! Let’s hope Dancer or Dasher took the reins!

Hideous holiday sweaters

There are tons of sites out there featuring horrific holiday wearables, but this site has some of the gaudiest tops we ever seen! Some sweaters literally light up, while others have several actual ornaments sewn into them. If you enjoy clothing that isn't so much loud as it is deafening, then this site’s for you!

What are the finniest/lamest gag gifts you’ve ever given or received?

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