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The Pros and Cons of Male Friends

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The Pros and Cons of Male Friends

Hey fellow female sparklers.  So if you are like me, sometimes you just like to hang out with the guys.  Sure you have a couple of great female friends, but there are times when chilling out with your boys can just make your day.  Here are the pros and cons in being the girl in a group of boys.

  • Pro: Lack of female drama!! Lets face it, we can get pretty catty and we tend to hold a grudge.  However, normaly guys are not like this.  When they have a little problem, they just smack eachother around alittle bit and poof their problems gone.
  • Con: Lack of female understanding.  They just don't understand what it is like being a girl.  Sure they may know what your period is and how it works, but they have never been through the cramps or experience the over all frustrations.  You can only find this understanding from a fellow female.
  • Pro: The attention.  They treat you differently when you are a girl and that can be positive sometimes.  You allways get a seat a the lunch table and if your cold you know you can count on one of them for jacket.  They don't tend to do these things for each other so you do feel pretty special. (And yes I'm talking platonic relationships here)
  • Con: The sexist jokes.  It's bound to happen when your the only girl in the group.  They figure that you are out numbered and that you can't beat them all up so they just let them rip.  You know they are joking but it can get under your skin at some point.
  • Pro: The male opinion.  When you got a boy problem or any problem in generel, it is a great advantage to get advise from a guy.  They can give you different look from your female friends.
  • Con: Lack of ibuprofen.
  • Pro/Con: Romance.  So yeah I was talking about platonic relationships but sometimes the line between guy who is a friend and boyfriend can get fuzzy.  And this can be a good or bad thing.  Sometimes things work great and a great relationship buds from this platonic friendship.  Sometimes however, it can turn into an awkward mess.
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