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What Were The Most Significant and Share-Worthy Events of Your Year? Facebook Tells Us.

What Were The Most Significant and Share-Worthy Events of Your Year? Facebook Tells Us.

Merry Listmas, y'all!

As the Internet continues its favorite tradition of reminding us about the very bestest and viralest events in global and pop culture this year, they're going one step further this year. In the tenuous poker game of laying our lives bare on online publishing software, Twitter and Facebook have basically just said, "I'll see yer cultural nostalgia, and raise you…PERSONAL NOSTLAGIA!"

Yup—as we've spent the year archiving our lives on social media,  the 'book and 'witter have been quietly archiving our archives. And now, at the end of the year, you can finally pull up "the 20 biggest moments from the year including life events, highlighted posts and your popular stories." It's called Facebook Year in Review, and it's freakin' awesome.

The annual wrap-up reminds you of all the friends you made this year, pages you liked, albums you were tagged bigtime in, and generally the most liked/commented content you shared this year.

While you wait four seconds for your Year in Review to load, I'd like to share a few of my milestones, because sharing things that share the top things you've shared is, as the French would say, "le point of le Internet (oh ho ho)." This was a wild year for me. Last September I moved from Tucson, AZ (where I spent my entire life) to Brooklyn, NY, to chase down work in the dying print journalism industry. These are my tales...

  • I "liked" 53 items this year, including a ballin' music magazine that one of my buddies made, and George Takei.
  • 90 bajillion people posted on my birthday (which was at the end of November). One of them summed up my life too perfectly in video.
  • In October I shared an Onion article about a cactus in a cute coat
  • In August I went to freakin' Israel, where I learned the true meaning of "balagan" (hot mess). Oh, also I had life-changing religious and cultural revelations. And hummus.
  • At the beginning of August I reunited with my two best friends in the world (one for Tucson, on from Ann Arbor) to go to the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago. I also wrote about it.
  • On the 4th of July I demanded my friends prove their dedication to this country by watching illustrator Brad Neely's masterpiece, "George Washington."
  • In June I received my first visitor from Tucson. We went to Coney Island but miraculously didn't puke on anything.
  • In May I posted about the 1994 classic The Pagemaster, which is about a kid who falls into book world and you all need to see it if you haven't.
  • And at the beginning of the year, I left my internship at the CMJ music website to WRITE FOR FREAKIN SPARKNOTES!

All in all, not too bad. Now, tell me: what were you're 2012 milestones, Sparkknuckles?

PS—you tweeters might also want to check out vizify. It's basically the same roundup of liked/reposted content from your feed, but also includes your most-used words of 2012. I'd tell you mine, but one is a four-letter synonym of excrement, unfit for print. I am ashamed. What were your top words of the year?

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