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9 Cute Winter Accessories

9 Cute Winter Accessories

We're getting ever closer to Christmas, Sparklers!! Which means if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the air is getting pretty chilly. But you can still look cool while keeping warm (see what i did there?) with a couple of cute accessories! Here are a few of my favorites for this winter:


  • If you want a classic knitted winter scarf, H&M has the perfect one for you! It's soft, but still thick enough to keep you nice and toasty.
  • Target has a cute infinity scarf that'll go with anything. It's easy to wrap (you just put it on like a necklace) and won't come loose during the day.
  • "Softer Than Cashmere" scarves at Kohl's are like soft, warm blankets for your neck. They're so comfy and they have a cute little winter pattern that's perfect for this cold weather!


  • Urban Outfitters has fantastic convertible gloves that can be either fingerless gloves or mittens! They even have some adorable critter ones.
  • If you just want regular gloves, ModCloth has soft ones with bows on them! Plus, they're text-friendly, with special fabric on the thumbs and pointer fingers so you can use your phone while staying warm.
  • Aren't these mittens from JCPenney so cute? They have a sweet snowflake pattern on the back and suede palm patches to give you a better grip.


  • This knit beanie from Forever 21 has flaps to keep your ears warm. It even has a pom pom on the top and pom poms on the strings!
  • Since I know it's your new favorite store, I found an A'GACI beret hat just for you! This one has a pom pom too! ...Okay, so I have a love for pom poms, I'll admit it.
  • Charming Charlie has the coolest head wrap ever! The sparkly gem in the middle makes it stand out and the material keeps your ears warm. I love this, even though it doesn't have a pom pom on it.

Which of these would you most like to find in your stocking?

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