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25 Reasons to Celebrate 12/12/12

25 Reasons to Celebrate 12/12/12

It’s great day to be a repetitive number nerd. Here are reasons to celebrate!

1. It’s 12/12/12! This won’t happen again in your lifetime (probably) so enjoy it!

2. Did you make a wish at 12:12? If not, hop on a plane and play the timezone game! You could score dozens of extra wishes depending on the speed of your aircraft.

3. To the jerk who wished for my back to be kind of sore today, congrats. Your wish came true. Jerk. (You could have wished for a flying carpet. You do know that, right?)

4. To the awesome person who wished for everyone to get an extra wish, thanks! I used it to get this really good cup of coffee. Worth it!

5. To the weirdo who wished that everyone have tiger stripes, I’m glad that you mumbled and your wish went unanswered.

6. If someone wished for all wishes to be ignored, it didn’t work because technically you’re also wishing for your own wish to be ignored. Jerk.

7. Word of the Day: Dirigible. Definition: A blimp or airship. Example: We should use the word dirigible more because it’s fun to say. Dirigible would also be a great name for a turtle or chubby penguin.

8. The SparkNotes office is heating up with debate on The Hobbit movie. Who are you siding with?

9. Asteroids almost hit Earth this week, but they missed. LOSERS! Hahaha! Air-ball! Air-ball!

10. Life Lesson: Tearing ruins wrapping paper. Reuse wrapping paper by boiling your presents in water to loosen the tape!

11. Elf Quote of the Day: “My finger has a heartbeat.”

12. It’s the 12th item on 12/12/12! Blarghghghghg...wish for pterodactyl and more wishes...aghghghghhg!

13. If your wish didn’t come true, you can always wish for things on 1/23/45.

14. Paul McCartney will take Kurt Cobain’s place at the Nirvana reunion happening tonight during the 12/12/12 concert. So whoever wished for that, way to ruin a wish and music.

15. Chocolate dreidels!

16. Consider This: If you add up 12/12/12/, you get 36, and the interior angles of a pentagram are 36-degrees, and a pentagram is evil, and evil spelled backwards is “live,” which can be pronounced two ways, and two is the number of eyes we have, and if you scrambled up the word “eyes” and add letters, it spells “yesterday” which was 12/11/12 and if you multiply those numbers and say the answer in Pennsylvania Dutch, you summon the magic Hawk Horse who shall bring ice-lightning upon the unworthy!

17. There are only two Wednesday’s left before Christmas, and you’re using one of them to make wishes and read silly lists. Yay!

18. Stop stressing about the holidays. Stress about ghost ants, for if ghost ants exist, there are millions of them in your room right now.

19. Craft Idea: Use an old piano as a very large lunchbox.

20. Putting marshmallows in hot cocoa is delightful. Why can’t someone make pre-moistened marshmallows? Then you wouldn’t even need to make the cocoa. It sounds kinda gross, but it would taste good! You could call them Sloppy-Mallows!

21. Study Tip: You will probably remember more information if all of your notes end with exclamation points.

22. Dog of the Day: Ugly ones.

23. You have a great smile. Also, your webcam is on.

24. If you’re taking an exam and can’t think of the answer, flex the right muscles and concentrate and you should be able to pick up a wifi signal with your brain and teeth fillings. Then use the internet to cheat. (Will cause intense headaches and your brain may accidentally download nothing but kitten videos.)

25. Quick Poll:

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Of The Following, What Would You Wish For?

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