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We Tried Bacon-Flavored Candy Canes So That You Wouldn't Have To

We Tried Bacon-Flavored Candy Canes So That You Wouldn't Have To

Ah, the candy cane. This classic holiday treat comes in many different sizes, stripes, and flavors—but which one should you choose to rocket you straight to a blissful sugar coma? We endured the burden of tasting several versions in order to write you this thoroughly scientific review.

Bacon-Flavored Candy Canes

Yes! They exist! Yes! We tried them! And while we do love bacon in sandwiches, next to eggs, rolled around cheese, stuffed in our pockets for a mid-day snack, etc, we think that bacon and candy canes don't quite mix...unless you dip them in hot chocolate and use them as a stirrer! Bacon-flavored hot cocoa=yum.

Chocolate Mint Candy Canes

This doesn't stray very far from the classic peppermint confection. Instead, it adds just a hint of sweetness to temper the sharp bite of the mint flavor. Granted, chocolate and mint are a traditional delicious combo—think of Mint Milanos. York Peppermint Patties. Grasshopper Cookies. The list goes on and on, and it's no wonder the candy cane express jumped on that train.

Fruit Flavored Candy Canes

These can be tricky, because not every fruit flavor works. Blueberry? Delectable. Strawberry? Ditto. Pineapple? Meh. Banana? Not so much. Like Chiclets Gum, it often depends on what box you get. Sometimes, the fruit varieties are a lovely treat for the taste buds. Sometimes...not.

Candy Canes Based on Existing Candies (e.g. Smarties, Gobstoppers, jellybeans)

Not a fan of these. Why? Because it you want Gobstoppers, get Gobstoppers. If you want jellybeans, get jellybeans. If you want Smarties, get Smarties. The essence of the original candy is extremely diluted when it's twisted, mutated, smashed and put back together again into a form that it never was supposed to inhabit, completely subverting its original soul! Wow. That got intense. We may be candy cane purists...

The Classic

Nothing beats the classic. Nothing. The red and white striped minty goodness melts in your mouth (or doesn't, if you're a cruncher). They're refreshing, tasty, and a great way to cleanse the palate when you're stuffed with Christmas pie and and goose pudding (what, you guys don't eat goose pudding?). Oh, the candy cane: equal parts decoration and delicious.

What's your favorite kind of candy cane? We're mint-chocolate fans, ourselves. Would you ever try a bacon-flavored candy cane?

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