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The Man of Steel Trailer Will Make You Cry

The Man of Steel Trailer Will Make You Cry

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Superman isn’t an easy character to film. He’s too powerful, too nice, too perfect, and too boring. The first two Superman movies from the 1980s were good, but seem silly by today’s special effects standards. Superman Returns gets an A-for-effort but a C-for-boring-crap. So when news hit that Superman was getting rebooted (again), some were more than skeptical.

Until today.

Check out the trailer that will make you whisper, “Thank you,” to your computer screen.

You’re probably crying, and that’s OK. Let’s take a closer look at the trailer and weigh the pros and cons.

Pro: It’s not as upbeat and goofy asThe Avengers and not as bleak as The Dark Knight. That’s the perfect balance.

Con: They could be trying too hard to make Superman a sensitive soul. Superman can’t spend the entire movie telling his dad, “I’m sad and lonely, papa. Hugs?”

Pro: When asked if a kid should die to keep Clark’s super powers secret, Pa Kent (played by Kevin Costner) answers with a harsh, “Maybe.” Ouch! Here’s to hoping “Dark Kent” shows up after every heroic act performed by his son and says, “Should’ve let them die, son.”

Con: It’s another origin story. Even newborn babies and dolphins know Superman’s backstory by this point. Who is sitting in the theater wondering: Did that boy get his powers from some sort of birthday wish or leprechaun ghost?

Pro: Christopher Nolan is producing.

Con: Zack Snyder is directing. Zack made two good movies (300 and Watchmen), but he also directed Sucker Punch, a movie that looked like Hot Topic: The Video Game. Mr. Nolan hopefully kept Mr. Snyder in line.

Pro: Superman’s beard is amazing! And to those who ask how Superman shaves, he uses a mirror and angles his heat vision onto his face. Duh.

Con: Batman is not in the trailer. (Though he's always in our hearts!)

Pro: Henry Cavill in his Superman clothes makes it easier to convince your girlfriend to see it.

Con: It’s not in theaters until summer.

Does the new trailer make you scream, “Up Up and Hurray!” or, “Down Down and No Way.”

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