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Our Heads Are Spinning After Watching The Lone Ranger Trailer!

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Our Heads Are Spinning After Watching The Lone Ranger Trailer!


If thinking about The Lone Ranger conjures images of a little kid riding a stick horse in his yard and waving a plastic cap gun around, then Holy Hotdogs are you not ready for this trailer! This is not your grandpa's Lone Ranger. Imagine the old west plus Mission Impossible, times Pirates of the Carribean, divided by Back to the Future Part 3...

Actually, this would be easier if you just watched the trailer.

Some of our inner thoughts wilst we watched said trailer:

- Wait a second... is this The Lone Ranger or The Hangover, Part 3, because Kemosabe clearly got crazy the night before!
- Tonto was the ORIGINAL Horse Whisperer. Eat your heart out, Cesar Millan!
- Johnny Depp's wardrobe was provided by Banana Republic's new Desert Roadkill collection.
- So, the horse can talk to Tonto and climb trees? How is this movie not about the horse!?
- Just now realizing that we've never seen Zorro and The Lone Ranger in the same room together. Coincidence?
- Bullet catch! Sweet!
- How is it that Helena Bonham Carter can be so pretty and so creepy at the same time?
- And cue the obligatory gigantic steam train going off the rails and almost killing the protagonists.

This looks like a start to finish, insane roller coaster of a movie!

What did you think of the trailer?

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