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I Saw Les Miserables and It Was AMAZING



I am the luckiest girl in the world

And not just because I hit the genetic jackpot (extravagantly sweaty and inexplicably wheezy?! YES, PLEASE)—but because last week, Universal Studios let me see a sneak preview of Les Miserables (they also gave me free popcorn and a complimentary beverage, but one hardly brags about such things).

Guys, I know you've got high hopes for this film. I know you've been anxiously awaiting its arrival for nearly a year, bravely weathering casting rumors and crossing your fingers that it would do justice to the renowned, beloved musical you hold so dear. I know you're true fans, and because of that, I would never lie to you. And so I've got to say: this film is STUNNING. It is STUPENDOUS. It is everything you wished it would be and more—because not only are the performances breathtaking and the music astounding, but EDDIE REDMAYNE IS JUST SO. RIDICULOUSLY. GOOD-LOOKING. I mean, COME ON. That man's cheekbones ALONE are worth the price of admission, and on top of his bone structure, he can SING?! 

But enough about my future boyfriend. Click through the slideshow to get a glimpse at some of the amazing characters and scenes from Les Miserables, and then try your best to contain your excitement until December 25, when the movie hits theaters across the nation. (You've got 14 days. Use the time to practice your stirring rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" and figure out how we can trick Mr. Redmayne into falling in love with me. THERE MUST BE A WAY, SPARKLERS. THERE MUST.) 

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