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Are You Too Obsessed With Exam Season?

Are You Too Obsessed With Exam Season?

It's exam time, and we want you to do so amazingly well that your parents and teachers slap (not pat) you on the back for doing a good job and then give you lots of candy. But if you're stressing too much right now, it's time for us to slap you with reality. Read to find out if you are too obsessed with exams.

1. Your MP3 player has nothing but lectures and required reading audio files.

2. You've got yellow paint stuck in your teeth from chewing five Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils a day.

3. You've started calling coffee your "go-go elixir" and your body demands goblets of it to do even simple tasks like reading this sentence.

4. Everyone at the coffee shop not only knows your name and order but they also know you like calculus equations drawn on your cups.

5. You've forgotten the birth names of your family and friends and have replaced them all with character names from your upcoming Lit. test. Your folks have no idea what to say when you ask "Hey Atticus and Madame Bovary, what's for dinner?"

6. Friday night? Well that's just Monday-Eve-Eve-Eve!!!

7. You have every good luck charm known to man. You sleep next to a plastic bag of found pennies, chow down on Lucky Charms for breakfast, and instead of just the foot, you keep an entire rabbit in your pocket.

8. The only way you're able to fall asleep at night is after fantasizing what it'd be like to be know everything and be totally awesome like Hermione Granger.

9. You've silenced your family from the hours of 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. every day. If anyone makes noise during "study time" you've threatened to hurt the rabbit in you pants.

10. You've abandoned your daily lunch group to study by yourself in the bathroom.

11. You have no idea that it's the holiday season. Christmas what? Hanukkah who? Happy New huh? Did we even have Halloween?

If you answered yes to two or more of these, you might be a little too worried about your upcoming tests, which could make you do worse in the long run. Here are our tips on studying for exams.

1. It's a great idea to have your teachers' most important lectures recorded. Just make sure it's okay with them, and listen to it a few times to jot down more notes you may have missed. But don't ignore the power of music to help you study.

2. Start a study group. You can still see your friends and answer each others' questions. It always helps to have a few extra ears and minds from that super tough class of yours. Bookstore common areas and coffee shops are great places to meet up, and most coffee shops serve more than just go-go elixir.

3. Stop chewing your pencils, and maybe buy a couple packs of gum. Make the gum chewing more satisfying by naming each piece after an enemy.

4. Make sure you take breaks. If you've been sitting a while, then stand up. Stretch, walk around, get a snack, watch one short, funny YouTube video... but then make sure you return to what you were working on. It feels good to take breaks, but you've also got to have a little discipline as well.

5. Prioritize and listen to your gut—if you know you need to study, study. Just make sure when it's all over you celebrate, relax, and enjoy the time off. After all, you deserve it!

What are your best tips on studying and stress?

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