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How to Decorate Your Room for Christmas

How to Decorate Your Room for Christmas

Now that you’ve happily helped your parents trim the tree and light up the front of the house, it’s time to bring the decorations to the best spot in the entire house—your room. Whether you want a classy look in your bedroom this year, or you prefer to make it look like Buddy the Elf threw up Christmas all over your digs, we’ve got some great ideas below. Not only are our they super cute (per usual) but they’re easy on the wallet.

Make a Christmas tree from foam and jewelry. Since you don’t have a lot of space in your room, you need a small tree, and we’ve got the neatest, most glamorous idea for you. Head to a craft store and purchase a set of foam cones (see they kind of look like Christmas trees). To decorate these "trees," purchase some pins and then search your own jewelry box for earrings, broaches, and other shiny things you no longer wear, like an earring you can't find the twin for, or a necklace you no longer like. Ask your mom and sisters to do the same. You can hit up secondhand stores to see if they have anything unusual, too. Now that you’ve got a pile of glittery jewelry, start decorating your bare foam tree using the pins. Here’s a website with great directions.

Make a paper chain. Stock up on red and green construction paper, or better yet, head to a craft store and find some neat, quirky Christmas paper with little Santas, snowflakes, and presents on it. If you are crafty enough, you can even add your own design and flair to regular paper. Then follow these directions!

Go candy cane crazy. Head to the dollar store and buy boxes of these sugar sticks. Not only do they taste good, you can use them to decorate. Place a bunch of canes in your mom's pretty champagne flutes next to your bed, or take some clear string, loop it across the top of your headboard, hang candy canes from it, and viola! You’ve got a seriously sweet bed.

String up lights. Drape Christmas lights over your bed, or get creative and make a shape out of them. These kids hung up their lights in a heart shape, which we think is adorable, but can you take this a step further and make a snowman or a Christmas tree? Check out the rest of this slideshow for more ideas; some of them are simple and suitable for year-round decorations—potential company will think your room is extra cozy. Hint-hint-wink-wink :)

Use broken ornaments. Sadly, every year, certain pieces ornaments don’t make it. Whether they have been chipped in storage, or their tops came off and they can no longer be hung, it’s sad to see them go. Instead of throwing them out, turn them into treasure: take a vase or a pretty bowl (dollar store again!) and fill it up with ornaments.

Wrap up the junk. Your mom hates that you save everything! Next time you clean your room, make a pile of all the stuff you're not using, from last year’s English binder full of your poetry, to that giant set of bongos that you never play but keep out on your floor, just in case. Then, take these items and wrap them up as presents. Now at least your clutter will be cute and festive.

Got any other ways to spruce up your space? Or do you prefer that all this Christmas stuff be contained to your parents' living room? We want to know how you feel, so talk to us in the comments section.

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