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Geeky Girl Glam: Glamorous Glasses

By Allison Emm Dec 10, 2012

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Fun fact about me: I’m legally blind. Far beyond it, actually.  You don’t know this because I wear contacts most days, but I still need readers on top of those. When I wake up, I have to hold my alarm clock two inches from my face to see the numbers, no exaggeration. I’ve had contacts since the age of 10 simply because they hoped it would somehow slow down the rate at which my vision was worsening.  Who knows if it worked, but fortunately I get along just fine now thanks to the wonder of optometry. Yay science!

I’ve worked pretty hard to find ways to feel confident wearing glasses, but it’s only fashion, right? Well no, corrective lenses are the difference between setting my phone down next to my cup of tea, and setting my phone inside my cup of tea (true story). So, I dedicate this post to all of you visually impaired lovelies. Hope this helps!

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