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10 Funny and Fantastic Christmas Ornaments

10 Funny and Fantastic Christmas Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments can get monotonous. You've got your Santa, your snowman, maybe a nativity scene or angel if you're religious, and as always, the shiny orbs of solid colors. But wait—there's no reason to be so boringly traditional. Here are 10 awesome ornaments that'll make your Christmas tree the coolest one on the block:

#10: Mockingjay. There's no better way to celebrate peace on Earth and goodwill towards men than the symbol of rebellion towards a cruel game that slowly tears humanity apart by forcing children to mercilessly kill each other!

#9: Red Dalek. Ahhh, Daleks. Don't they just put you in the Christmas spirit? The senseless extermination, their cold metal armor, the fear you feel when the scary music plays and they roll out on screen...I can feel the magic in the air just talking about it! The red color only adds to the Christmas spirit.

#8: Darren Criss. Of course I would never forget my Darren! His face on an ornament will only partially make up for his absence during the holidays. Someday we'll be together, my sweet. Someday...

#7: R2D2. Awwwww wook at the widdle wobot!! He's so cuuuuute! Ahem, sorry about that. I tend to turn into a baby-talking dummy when it comes to puppies, infants, and, apparently, spherical Star Wars characters.

#6: Finding Nemo Why yes. Yes I would love an awesome Pixar movie in ornament form to hang on my tree. Thank you, kind Etsy shop owner, for using your creative mind to do good in the world.

#5: Batman. It's Batman Skyping the Joker on a computer that looks like a bat! I don't think there's any explanation needed as to why this needs to be in your home and on your tree immediately.

#4: Golden Snitch. They used a jingle bell to make a golden snitch! Isn't that clever? And since this ornament is kind of in the same category, I thought I'd pair them together. I couldn't resist!

#3: Mustache. Ummmmm why is this not immediately in my possession? In fact, can I just have one gigantic mustache on my tree and no other decorations? A Mustache Christmas seems like the BEST kind of Christmas!

#2: Shakespeare. Isn't William so cute? With his little scroll and puffy pants! This ornament's perfect for the literary buff in your life! Which, in my case, would be me.

#1: Bacon. You're welcome.

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