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The Gun Dorm and Other Places We'd Rather Not Live

The Gun Dorm and Other Places We'd Rather Not Live

We never saw this coming, but the University of Colorado has reported that the dorms they set aside for students packing heat is totally empty. You can hear the wind whistling through the hallways, and a tumbleweed has taken up residence in the RA's quarters. Whaaaaaat? you ask. Why would students not race to live in a building where keg stands and concealed weapons are just regular Tuesday night debauchery?

I hunt, as in I go sit in the freezing cold with my feet in the mud and watch animals with 1/8 my brain size elude my grasp, and I believe in the Second (yep, had to Google that) Amendment. But here are 15 dorms I would choose to live in before the Gun Dorm:

  1. The Deodorant Optional Dorm
  2. The Let's Play Fast and Loose with Our Prescribed Meds Dorm
  3. The Backyard Chickens Dorm
  4. The Lactose Intolerant Dorm
  5. The Cooked Broccoli Dorm
  6. The Pet Arachnids Dorm
  7. The Virology Dorm
  8. The Amateur Archery Dorm
  9. The Smoke Alarm-Free Dorm
  10. The Stinky Cheese Dorm
  11. The Black Market Fireworks Dorm
  12. The Horseplay Dorm
  13. The Ninja Stars Dorm
  14. The Animal Husbandry Dorm
  15. The Hurt Locker Dorm

Would you live in a dorm where people kept guns?

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