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How to Make a Killer Christmas List

How to Make a Killer Christmas List

‘Tis the season to get all the stuff you’ve been wanting since, well, last Christmas. It’s not every day you get to outright ask for the gizmos, clothes, and gadgets you’ve got your little heart set on, but during the holiday season, it’s OK to be direct. Your parents will even be grateful for your forthright directions. To get exactly what you want, you need to strategize. Here's how!

Get digital. Do you even know how to hand write anymore? We didn’t think so. This year, skip the lists on loose leaf and email your list to your family members. You can even CC your whole family. That way, they can communicate with each other to avoid overlaps. If your grandma still doesn't have a Gmail account, print out a hard copy and give it to her when you take her to Panera for lunch.

Be cash-conscious. When compiling your list, be realistic about the cash-money flow. Some of your relatives, like your mom and dad (who made you and love you) just might be willing to splurge for an iPad mini, but not everybody can afford to give you such a big-ticket item. The aunt you see three times a year is not buying you a laptop, period. She’s got four of her own kids to buy for! While it’s OK to have one or two high priced items on your list, make sure you mix them up with more affordable items. Remember, there are loads of fun, affordable things every teen needs: a new handbag, boots, a hooded robe, and a cool case for that iPad your momma better score for you.

Be coupon-conscious. If you happen to know of any retailers with great sales this holiday season, particularly on items you love, feel free to notify your listees (again, the email chain comes in handy). They will appreciate the savings heads-up, and may give you a little extra sumthing in your stocking for your thoughtfulness.

Provide examples. If you add “handbag” to your list this year, provide links to bags you like, so your present-giver understands your aesthetic. Giving them detail doesn’t hurt—otherwise, how are they supposed to know you want a leopard print cross-body bag?!?

Got any other ideas on how to make your list awesome this year? Do you do an annual Christmas list or are you getting too old for it? We want to know below!

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