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Gifts Your Parents Will Love

Gifts Your Parents Will Love

Buying a gift for a friend is usually pretty easy. As long as you like the item you're purchasing, chances are your friend will love it too. Parents, on the other hand, aren't as simple. They'll smile and say polite things no matter what you get them, but on the inside, they might not appreciate that Hunger Games cookbook as much as your BFFL.

That's why I've created a list of gifts that your mom or pop could actually use! No matter what your parents are into, these present ideas are a safe bet.


Chore coupons
They're cheap. They're simple. They're parent gold. Believe or not, these little pieces of paper promising you'll do jobs around the house are a mom's dream come true! Just remember to put an expiration date on them; you wouldn't want your mom to pull one out of the attic in 30 years and demand you clean the bathroom.

Relaxation products
Whether it's a pair of fuzzy socks or a set of their favorite Bath & Body Works scent, moms will love anything that'll help them relax after a long day.

Personalized jewelry
You don’t have to go all out on jewelry and spend hundreds of dollars for an engraving to make it personal. Just get anything that’s specifically for her. Whether it’s her first initial on a necklace, a pin that relates to her work/hobby, or even her favorite color, your mom will love it!

Framed family photos
Moms have kind of deemed themselves the official photographers for family outings. They love taking pictures of you and are determined to keep these pictures forever. If your mom's going to have it around the house, it might as well be a good photo that you picked in a nice frame.

Because chocolate is awesome and so are mothers.


Chore coupons
Yep. Dads are into this stuff too. It’s less about helping them around the house, though; dads would prefer you doing their chores for them so they don’t have to do it themselves. Don’t forget to add fine print to the bottom saying that heavy lifting is strictly off limits.

Sports stuff
If your dad is a stereotypical male (as most dads are), then there is probably nothing he loves more than sports. Depending on how active your dad is, you can get him anything from a gift with his favorite team logo on it to golf balls he can actually use on the driving range.

Shaving kit
Even though the amount of facial hair varies from dad to dad, shaving and hair trimming is part of a man’s daily ritual. If you can’t afford a full blown shaving set with all the works, just a simple container to hold all his things will suffice.

Treat your pops to a family night out, or just get him an action movie on DVD. Either way, he’ll be happy.

Yes… my dad actually said “meat” when I asked him what kind of present he would like for Christmas. Cook him a meal yourself or give it to him straight from the package! Be creative; instead of wrapping paper, wrap his present in bacon!

What presents have your parents loved in the past? What are you getting them this year?

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