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Hot Holiday Outfits That Highlight Your Favorite Feature!


The reasons for my excitement are threefold:

1. I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE GLITTER TAPE IN PHOTOSHOP!!! And I put some in every slide! ISN'T IT DELIGHTFUL AND CRAFTY-LOOKING?! Stop rolling your eyes. I can feel you rolling your eyes. 

2. Decemeber is packed with holiday parties, and I always stress about what to wear. How can I make my potato-shaped torso look less lumpy? What if I want to show off my impeccably sculpted shoulders but hide my stumpy legs? Did anyone invent pants made of Snuggie material yet? Because I want those. POINT IS, I bet a lot of you struggle with picking the perfect holiday party outfit too, and that's where this slideshow comes in! No matter what your body type, there's an outfit here for errrrvrybody; just pick the feature you want to showcase, and then choose the look that highlights it! Voila: you're radiant, gorgeous, and confident, just like Hermione at the Yule Ball (or Cho, if you want. But I get to be Ron. Dan Bergstein is Harry).

3. There isn't really a third reason; I just thought "threefold" sounded better than "twofold."


All product imagery courtesy Modcloth and H&M!

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