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25 Reasons to Celebrate December 7th

25 Reasons to Celebrate December 7th

The end of the week means it’s time to have wild, all-night parties! Or, instead, have wild all-night study sessions. (Finals are approaching!) Whatever your weekend plans, here are 25 reasons to be celebrate.

1. You made it through another week! If life were a video game, you would gain several experience points and probably get a cool new sword that shoots fire-lasers.

2. On December 7th, 1787, Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution. Delaware is such a hipster. They ratified things before it was cool.

3. When puppets go skinny-dipping, it looks like this.

4. One Direction are indeed a group of badass rockers! Louis Tomlinson got yelled at by the NYPD after he stood out of a sunroof and stopped traffic by taking pictures of himself. He then probably yelled, “ROCK AND ROLL! Yeeeeow!” So badass.

5. Grape of the Day: The opposite of a raisin. A super moist grape, one so filled with juice that it’s practically a stew! You can eat it with a straw! Such a grape doesn’t exist...yet.

6. Hanukkah begins tomorrow! The first night is usually pretty weak in the present department. Here’s to hoping night one is less about clothes and more about jetpacks...or at least jetsocks.

7. It’s OK if you make a typo. Everyone does it. Here’s one to get the ball rolling: Misgivngs. (I meant to write “blueberry.”)

8. It’s the season of video games! Remember years ago when Christmas games were all about Guitar Hero and Rock Band? By the way, if anyone wants to buy a few plastic guitars, let me know. $999 each. (guitar may contain dust, spiders, and regret.)

9. Spend the weekend in bed. You are hereby given permission form the entire SparkNotes editorial team to stay in bed for 48 hours. Wear perception-strength sweat pants.

10. Bird of the Day: The one that gets to ride this sweet, electric cart.

11. Everyone is too stressed out over the holidays to even notice your sweat and/or spaghetti stains.

12. Craft Idea: Turn an old T-shirt into a necklace...somehow.

13. Before you go to bed tonight, write the name of your crush on a slip of paper, and place the paper under you pillow. When you wake up, the tooth fairy will have taken the paper and replaced it with a dollar, because she’s old and doesn’t really know what she’s doing. Poor thing.

14. The first picture from the upcoming Ender’s Game movie shows Harrison Ford looking Harrison Ford-y!

15. Word of the Day: Calligraphy. Definition: Fancy writing. Example: The out-of-work calligraphy artist spent another day telling people on the street, “Keyboards are the devil’s teeth!”

16. Wait. Harrison Ford is in the Ender’s Game movie? Did everyone else already know this?

17. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady had a baby girl. They named it Vivian Lake, which is so normal that it’s almost funny. Don’t they know celebs MUST give their children awful, unorthodox names? It’s like they’re not even trying. Better name option: Snake Whiskers.

18. John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” gets its tune from a folk song about a wine-drinking racehorse. Crazy!

19. This weekend, see how many times you can use “piggley” in conversation. (Current High Score: 188.)

20. Don’t stress about Monday. Monday will be fine.

21. If you need a last minute gift, you can always bite and tear an empty box, wrap it, and give it to someone. When they open the present, say, “Oh no. It got away.”

22. If you need another last minute gift idea, give a clock that reads 11:59 pm. HAHA!

23. Ants aren’t in your ear.

24. Elf Quote of the Day: “It's just nice to meet another human that shares my affinity for elf culture.”

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