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Taylor Swift Beat-Boxes Through the 2013 Grammy Nominations

Taylor Swift Beat-Boxes Through the 2013 Grammy Nominations

Is there anything future American president Taylor Swift CAN'T do?

I mean, besides the obvious. She can't levitate an aircraft carrier, obvi. I bet she can't eat 70 hardboiled eggs in an hour, either. And she's made it very clear through her lyrics that she can't find a decent man to stick around (I'm free Saturday, Swizzheart ;] )

Anyway. Point is, beautiful and talented Taylor Swift tried to beat box with LL Cool J at the Grammy Awards nomination ceremony last night, and it was…well, it was. If you missed it, here ya go:


But—The Grammys! The music industry's annual celebration of…The music industry! It's coming on February 10th, and last night Swizz and J gave us a few names to look forward to.

Foremost: Frank Ocean, who has already falsetto'd his way to the top of many a year-end critic's list, scored a respectable six nominations. Also coming in with six are Kanye West (haw!), Jay-Z, Mumford & Sons, fun., and the Black Keys, making for a well-rounded (if male dominated) pantheon of pop/rock/rap/r&b/banjo-shenanigans icons of 2012.

Most of this year's inescapable hits—"Call Me Maybe," "Somebody I Used To Know," "Stronger," "We Are Young"—are all up for major awards, which is dandy. But the most exciting and Internet beef-baiting stuff comes in the more specific, obscure categories. Here's a few things we have on our mind today...

The driving question this year:

  • What the barf does "Urban Contemporary" mean? The three artists in this category—Miguel, Frank Ocean, and Chris Brown—could've easily been short-listen among this year's top R&B noms (and actually, Miguel's song "Adorn" is also up for a Best R&B award). So…what does this mean, really? Music by non-white people that white people like too? The exact opposite of Taylor Swift beat-boxing? *Shrug* Strong noms, nonetheless.

Other Good Stuff:

  • Alabama Shakes! (up for Best New Artist and Best Rock Performance with "Hold On")
  • Florence and the Machine! (up for Best Pop Group and Best Pop Vocal Album)
  • A nice surprise: beardly blues-belter Gregory Porter, who put out one of the year's best albums for trudging sadly through the snow, got some shine in the "Traditional R&B Performance" category with a missive to his mistress's mama, "Real Good Hands." [Fill in Allstate joke here]
  • The Best Alternative Music Album category is filled with awesome, too, via huggable ice wizard Bjork, nude Belgian-Australian dumpee Gotye, French dream-weaver M83, aged cigarette-eater Tom Waits, and triumphant hiatus-terminating Fiona Apple. Fiona, BTW, has been previously nominated for Best New Artist, Best Rock Performance (which she won), Best Pop Album, and Best Country Collaboration (with Johnny Cash). That Apps is firmly "Alternative" now speaks to her successful foray into insanity.

Bad stuff:

  • Do LMFAO really need any more encouragement? The Grammys threw them a nomination in 2010, and we all paid for it with two years of mandatory everyday shufflin'. Another nom—or, worse, a win—could usher in the Party Rock-Pocalypse. Neonbanana hammocks….everywhere
  • Also, Chris Brown, notorious Rihanna-assaulting misogynist, should just be banned from these things. Please.

Random stuff:

  • Rounding out the increasingly prevalent Electronic Dance Music roster among floppy-haired younglings Avicii and Skrillex is some dude from Liechtenstein with like 7,000 YouTube views. His name is Al Walser, and he met the president once, apparently.
  • Tenacious D's codpiece-thrustin' Rize of The Fenix is up for best comedy album, despite it rocking harder than anything Best Rock nominees Mumford and Sons have ever banjo'd in their short faux-mericana odyssey.

All the other stuff:
listed here on this Grammy page. Bangarang.

Who do you think should win this year's top music prizes?
What was your favorite album?
What do you think Urban Contemporary means?
Have you ever heard of Al Walser?
Should convicted jerks like Chris Brown be praised in the public eye?
Should T-Swift try gangsta rap next?

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