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More Hobbit Gossip From the Cast!

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More Hobbit Gossip From the Cast!

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Yesterday we regaled you with juicy tidbits about the making of The Hobbit with director, Peter Jackson. Today, we sat down with Martin Freeman, Ian Mckellen, Elijah Wood, Richard Armitage, and Andy Serkis to get you more crazy gossip about the making of An Unexpected Journey.

Almost everyone in the movie is wearing a fake nose

As Ian McKellen told us "Every single character in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings wears a wig." Not to mention all the prosthetic noses. Which everyone wore, except for Martin Freeman. "Bilbo went through several noses," Freeman told us, "but in the end it was decided that my nose was weird enough." We think his nose is perfectly Hobbit-esque!

Ian McKellen prefers Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White

SPOILER ALERT: Gandalf sorta kinda dies in the middle of LotR... but then comes back as Gandalf the White. So, why does Ian prefer the first version of Gandalf to the second? "Gandalf the White is trying to save the world, and he doesn't have any jokes," said Ian. "He's cut his beard down to size and he's gone white and serious. There's a bit more range as an actor in Gandalf the Grey, so, selfishly, I enjoyed that more."

Richard Armitage, the actor who plays the dwarf king Thorin Oakenshield is OVER SIX FEET TALL

We were shocked when we saw him in person, but it is true! At a towering 6 feet, 4 inches, it seems like it would be difficult to look at Armitage and think "short and swarthy," but that's exactly what the creative team behind The Hobbit did. Philippa Boyens, who cowrote the screenplay, said there was just "something very dwarf about him." It's a good thing they could see past his towering stature, because he makes the perfect Thorin!

The guy who played Gollum also helped direct the film

Andy Serkis, who did the voice of Gollum and performed in the motion capture suit alongside Elijah Wood (in The Lord of the Rings) and Martin Freeman (in The Hobbit) was also the Second Unit Director. What that means in plain English, is that when Peter Jackson was off filming a scene with the dwarves and Gandalf, Andy might be filming a battle scene between the elves and the orcs. All big budget movies have Second Unit Directors, and it's no small task! The fact that he was able to both act in and help direct the film just makes us respect the slimy little ring-stealer even more!

What character from The Lord of the Rings do you want to see make a cameo in The Hobbit

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