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4 Adorable Holiday Dresses, and Their Plus-Sized Twins!

4 Adorable Holiday Dresses, and Their Plus-Sized Twins!

The only thing more fun than holiday parties is dressing up for the occasion! I've taken the liberty of finding you all cute party dresses AND their plus-sized counterparts! It took a long time and a lot of Googling, but I'm happy with the results. And I will definitely reward myself by purchasing some of the dresses listed below.


  • This gorgeous dress from Charming Charlie is without a doubt one of my favorites! I love anything that's shiny and those sequins on the top do the trick for me. The bottom flowing half of the dress gives it that classy look while still making it comfortable to wear. And that sexy deep V in the back? Not as low cut as it looks (don't let the mannequin fool you) but still a great element that makes this dress stand out. You'll definitely look stylish in this!
  • By some miracle, Forever 21 has almost the exact same dress in the plus-sized section! There's nothing better than finding an adorable formal dress in your size.


  • What I love about this white dress from JCPenney is the sequined round neck. That, and the fact that they call the color "Polar Bear." The neckline gives the dress a collared look, so you don't need to add a necklace! The flow is very straight, though, so if you want to add a belt to create an hourglass figure, be my guest!
  • This dress from Avenue is almost identical, with a few small differences. There are pearls instead of sequins on the collar and there's no pattern on the bottom of the skirt. The dress still has a straight flow; the fan next to the model is just trying to trick you!


  • A'GACI has a gorgeous red dress that's great for the holidays. The peplum part of the dress (the ruffle in the middle) really defines your waistline and gives you an hourglass figure. It looks classy and formal and makes you stand out!
  • JCPenney coming back with an awesome dress! This plus-sized twin is practically identical, with just an added belt to highlight your figure. An optional accessory to the A'GACI dress!


  • Even though blue isn't really a Christmas color, it's still very pretty and will make you stand out from the crowd. This dress from Forever 21 may not look too fancy, but it's beautiful in its simplicity. The pleated skirt gives it a feminine look that brings out your soft side, rather than going bold. I also really like the long sleeves, because as cute as sleeveless dresses are, that extra coverage is handy in cold weather.
  • This dress from Kohl's has slightly shorter sleeves, but is equally pretty. And if you ever feel the need to dress it up more, accessories are always a thing. I can't tell you how many times jewelry has saved the day!

And remember, you don't need to go to a party to have an excuse to dress yourself up!

Which is your favorite dress?

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