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Hobbit Costume Ideas On the Super Duper Cheap

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Hobbit Costume Ideas On the Super Duper Cheap

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is set to hit theaters December 14th, and every one who has ever read J.R.R. Tolkein's classic can't wait to don a cloak to watch Bilbo join a company of dwarves. If you're one of those who can't wait to see the movie AND get into the spirit of it all by going as a Hobbit, an elf, or a Tolkeinesque character of your own creation, but are on a budget, have no fear! Here are a few Hobbit costumes that will make you look like a citizen of Bag's End without breaking the bank.

1. Green Ponchos look like Cloaks

What is a cloak but a poncho that keeps you warm yet makes you look adventuresome? What is a poncho today but a cheap version of a cloak? This poncho for under $4 will make you look like you're ready to take on Smaug whilst staying warm and dry.

2. Hobbit Slippers

The brilliant minds of ThinkGeek are always ready to help us achieve our geekiest dreams. They have come through yet again with these comfy, Hobbit-tastic slippers. At only $20, if you combine them with a white shirt, borrow an oversized vest from your dad's closet, and add some brown pants, you're set to impersonate Bilbo, Frodo, or any other citizen of Bag's End.

3. The Right Nightgown Can Make You Look Like Galadriel

Long, lacy and white—if that doesn't say nightgown, I don't know what else does. For example, this bargain nightgown from Etsy is a good basic to which you can add a cheap belt or headpiece to make you feel like an elven queen. Don't want to go the nightgown route? Go to any vintage, thrift, or consignment store and look for the section that screams long and white. I guarantee you'll find something, and your wallet won't want to cry after you buy it.

4. Cardboard + Grey Cloth = Wizard's hat.

Want to be Gandalf? Easy. Find some flexible cardboard (or even construction paper) and roll it up into a cone. Then, get yourself a stretchy grey winter hat and put it over your paper cone. As for a staff, well, if you're near a park, forest, or large yard (that you're NOT trespassing through) and look for the biggest stick you can find. Done-zo.

5. Dwarf Armor = Paperclips!

If you are dying to be Thorin, then you gotta have the beard man. If you are capable of growing one, then we say go for it! If not, quickly type "costume beard" into Google, and presto: thousands of affordable options to choose from. As for the chain mail, if you have a grey shirt, paper clips, and can sew (or have Gorilla Glue) then you're set. Or knit one, like this crafty person did. If you're not crafty, we say just wear a sweaty long white shirt that has brown stains on it and tell people your chain mail was ripped in a battle with Smaug, and all you have left is the undershirt.

6. Gollum Can Be You, Unitard-ed

Let's face it, dressing as Gollum is difficult since he goes around in his birthday suit. Still, we have a way for you to achieve ultimate Gollumness: first, don't wash your hair for a day or two. Then, steal your sister's grey leotard she hasn't used since she quit dance class. Add some grey tights and a long grey shirt, and go around with a sneaky expression on your face muttering, "my precious," and presto change-o. you've been Gollumized!

7. Beorn the (Teddy) Bear Man

Dress normal (or if you want to make some sort of an effort, wear a lot of brown). Then carry a teddy bear around. They'll get it. If they don't, they're not true fans.

Who do you want to dress up as for The Hobbit?

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