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What To Get Your S.O. for Christmas, A FLOW CHART

What To Get Your S.O. for Christmas, A FLOW CHART

By Janet Manley

That time is rolling around again: all-you-can-eat-gingerbread time. Oy. Which means you are going to need to find something to get your S.O. for Christmas that says, "You're a tall drink of water, govna." Your initial instinct might be to go out and buy your S.O. a timeless present like a monocle or some frankincense, but that would be wrongo bongo. No, you want to find something that speaks to their unique taste, and the storied history of your relationship. BUT WHAT?! We hear you scream at the iPad-sodden marketplace. Put down your town crier bell and tricorne hat and chill, Sparklers. Simply refer to our handy flowchart to determine the perfect gift for your lobster:

Find all these goodies in your local neighborhood or online!
"The Cutting Edge" from iTunes
Cheese of the Month and hampers from Murray's Cheese
Ridiculous animal hats from make your own or New Egg
Fun park pass from Six Flags, Alta Ski Area or the street
Superhero hoodies from Superhero Stuff
Headphones from Skull Candy
Olympic dressage horse from Scothorse
Creepy portrait materials from Michael's

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