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Welcome to 16 Posts 'Til Christmas!!

Welcome to 16 Posts 'Til Christmas!!

Well, Sparklers, today is the first Monday of December, and I have one thing on my mind: CHRIIISTMAAAS!!! Now is the perfect time to get our Christmas act together with a new series called "16 Posts 'Til Christmas!" It's kind of like ABC's "25 Days of Christmas," only more advice/fun ideas and less Tim Allen.

Each weekday I will prepare with you a post on how to make sure your Christmas is the best one yet! This countdown week will consist of: Random Monday, Movies/Music Tuesday, Fashion Wednesday, Baking Thursday, and $hopping Friday (see what I did there?). In case the holiday season hasn't been shoved down your throat enough, I'll make sure you'll be choking on tinsel until December 25th!

For our first Random Monday, let's talk about your holiday to-do list.

#1: Make a gift list. I spent Black Friday buying a couple of things for myself, because I knew I would really appreciate it. But while I was splurging, I forgot that there are other people coming to my house for Christmas. And they expect me to get presents for them...oops. Before you scramble to your nearest drugstore for dancing penguin toys to give everyone, sit down and make a list. Include everyone you're planning on buying something for, what they would like, and how much you're willing to spend. On Friday, we'll talk about actually buying gifts!

#2: Decorate the house. You don't have to go crazy with the lights, making them blink in rhythm to popular songs that may or may not have to do with Christmas. But you should have SOMEthing out! Help your parents trim the tree, inflate the reindeer, and set up the pyrotechnics display. (Okay, you don't have to do that last one, but it would be pretty sweet!)

#3: Make a wish list for yourself! You've been eying that iPad Mini for a while now. Sure, it looks kind of weird and you'd never admit you want one, but it's so cool! It's a slightly smaller iPad! We live in the future! Even Back to the Future 2 didn't predict this! And if you really want to keep up appearances, once you get it you can blame Santa for the "lame" gift. He knows how you really feel.

We are no longer carefree children. We now have to actually do things in preparation for the holiday season. It will be scary, overwhelming, and stressful, but I say... bring it on.

Let the countdown BEGIN!

Are you getting excited for Christmas? How's your shopping going?

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