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Quiz: What's Your Elf Name?

Quiz: What's Your Elf Name?

Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way, we're getting ready to celebrate the real holidays. Like the ones where you get presents. This quiz gives you an elf name, favorite toy to make, and your favorite thing about Santa.

Your first elf name corresponds to the number of syllables in your human first name:

1: Sprinkles

2: Peppermint

3: Lemondrop

4: Glitterpants

5+: Gary

Your last elf name corresponds to the number of pets you have:

0: Von Mistletoe

1: McSprinkleson

2: Frostytoes

3: Kissypants

4: Gingerbreadman

5+ (awesome parents, btw): Merrymaker

Your toy-making specialty corresponds to your favorite holiday movie:

Elf: Socks

Home Alone: Dolls with bodily functions

A Christmas Story: PUPPIES

Love Actually: Violent video games

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Books intended for someone 5 years younger than you

Another cartoon: Really ugly Christmas pajamas

Your favorite thing about the big ol' jolly guy corresponds to the first letter of your crush’s first name:

A-F: His jolliness

G-M: His cool beard

N-S: Mrs. Claus

T-Z: That he’s never on a diet.

What did you come up with? I’m Lemondrop McSprinkleson. I love making dolls that pee, and my favorite thing about Santa is his non-ironic, non-hipster beard!

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