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Quiz: Are You Rude?

Quiz: Are You Rude?

Some people are honest. Others are "too" honest. Then there are those who are downright rude—and you might be one of them. Do you need a manners makeover? Take this quiz and find out!

1. When a friend jumps up and down and shouts, "I've received an acceptance letter from Hogwarts!" you:

A) Say "You're totally a Slytherin. No offense, but you ARE."

B) Snap their wand in half and then set a troll on them in a fit of jealousy.

C) Say, "OMG, congrats! I wish I had one too!"

D) Take them out for a celebratory Butterbeer.

2. When your little sister steals your favorite Lords of The Rings hoodie and then spills permanent ink all over it, you:

A) Take her "My Little Pony T-Shirt" and draw a mustache on its face. Then tell her Applejack died of horse plague.

B) Turn into an Orc and chase her around the house with a big sword.

C) Tell your mom, who then makes her eat carrots seven nights in a row while you eat a pint of Chocolate Therapy ice cream right in front of her.

D) Sit her down and explain to her you're not mad, just disappointed.

3. If  your one true love, Mr. Bingley, was taken away to London by his best friend Mr. Darcy, who then told him that you hate him when actually THE OPPOSITE is true, you:

A) Would let your sister insult Mr. Darcy to his face, telling him he's "proud" and "not a gentleman" (although she's secretly falling in love with him).

B) Would go to London, punch Darcy in the throat, storm in on Bingley and kiss him silly.

C) Would sigh and do nothing.

D) Would forgive Darcy after he apologizes to you and confesses to Bingley—after all, he is now your brother-in-law.

4. When told by your snotty tutor that "if you haven't read Anna Karenina in Russian, you haven't really read it," you:

A) Ask her if she's male, and when she says "no," say, "You can't claim Hemingway as your favorite writer because you're not a dude."

B) Reply К уродам относятся супермодели , then walk away.

C) Tell her you're Keira Knightley, and therefore ARE Anna Karenina, so you don't need to read it in English or Russian.

D) Learn Russian, re-read it, and then tell her, "You were right."

5. If your best friend asks you if her prom dress is pretty, and it's an exact copy of Bjork's infamous Oscar Swan Dress, you:

A) Give her a trumpet to hang over the swan's neck, so at least she's a classic E.B. White character, not a avian fashion disaster.

B) Chop off the swan's head to put it out of its misery.

C) Follow her around playing the score of "Swan Lake" on an electric violin hoping the two of you will go viral.

D) Tell her she looks nice.

6. Your grandmother sends you a Friend request on Facebook. You:

A) Tell her you didn't see it and that  you can't use any computers anymore because you're allergic to the Internet.

B) Send her back a message saying, "Stop stalking me!"

C) Ignore it.

D) Accept it, of course. She's your Bubbe!

7. When your friend's new girlfriend says SHE DOESN'T LIKE DAVID TENNANT AS DR. WHO, you:

A) Faint.

B) Turn into a Dalek and yell, "Exterminate! Exterminate!" at her.

C) Laugh as if it's really funny and tell her, "You're really funny."

D) Nod and say, "That's a valid opinion."

If you answered mostly As, you are: a Ron Weasley.

You're not above a little immaturity when the occasion calls for it, and if you see a prat, well, you call it a prat. You love your friends, and you'll always support them, even if one day you get super jealous and do an awful thing like abandon them in the middle of the woods during a perilous search for horcruxes. Still. You come back.

If you answered mostly Bs, you are: A Troll.

Ughghgh oinkey doinkey balargh blargh booga snot burp fart MANNERS DUMB KRULL HUNNNGRYYY!

If you answered mostly Cs, you are: Switzerland during World War II.

You have no opinion. You put the U in neutral. You think silence is golden, don't speak unless spoken to, never discuss politics at the dinner table, and have practiced a fake smile in the mirror since the day you were born. You also love hot chocolate, cheese, skiing, and banks.

If you answered mostly Ds, you are: a Disney Princess.

Birds and small, furry animals  follow you around as you sing. You smile and hearts melt. You could never be cross, oh no, not ever! How could anyone be mean when the world is full of sparkles, and the stars in the sky look like celestial fireflies? Even when a witch puts you under a spell for a thousand or so years, you come out of it cheerful and ready to give her a makeover.

How rude are you?

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