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25 Reasons to Celebrate December 3rd

25 Reasons to Celebrate December 3rd

It’s the last month of 2012 (and our lives, if you believe the ancient Mayans), but there are still pletny of reasons to celebrate. Including...

1. It’s December! December is a month that flies by faster than a caffeinated Superman, and is typically filled with enough drama to fill eight seasons of Teen Mom! Enjoy the month of weirdness!

2. The Pope is on Twitter. Starting today you can follow him here, but if he starts tweeting “LOL! Rihanna IS SO MUCH better thanz BEyonce!” and “Im at Burger King. WHeRE you at, Jerry?” you should probably unfollow.

3. Kate Middleton is pregnant! Prepare for a Lion King-esque presentation once the child is born.

4. Shania Twain is back! If you don’t know who she is, she was a country singer and Mark Twain’s wife. (Not sure about that last part, but she’s been gone so long that all the info gets blurred.)

5. By this time tomorrow, you could be watching The Dark Knight Rises on DVD and Blu-ray! While the movie wasn’t as good as The Dark Knight, it was still pretty wonderful.

6. Speaking of Batman, if you haven’t checked out the animated The Dark Knight Returns: Part One, go watch it! It’s all kinds of fantastic. Part Two comes out next month and Ben from LOST plays The Joker! And Robocop is the voice of Batman! And, my brain is melting! (Or I just have a runny nose.)

7. The school year is getting longer in five states. To everyone in the other 45 states: Waterpark party?!?!

8. Word of the Day: Assail. Definition: To attack. Example: "Assail sounds funny, depending on how you say it," commented the chatty bus driver.

9. You can now get married at Denny’s!

10. Consider This: What if ocean waves rolling onto the beach are trying desperately to evolve into land creatures. And what if they succeed!

11. Overheard in the SparkNotes Office.

CHELSEA: Kettle corn is great because it’s salty and sweet. Best of both worlds.
DAN: Like M&Ms in soup!
DAN: I’m going to include this conversation in today’s list of reasons to celebrate.
CHELSEA: Are all your Overheard in the Offices just you saying stuff that everyone ignores?
DAN: Kinda.

12. Make your own Chex Mix! Here’s my recipe: Buy Chex Mix, pour it in a bowl, drizzle it with Cheez-Its and Lucky Charm marshmallows, enjoy!

13. This Yoda lawn decoration is life-sized and wearing a Santa Hat. If every lawn had one, there would be no more wars or pain.

14. We’re looking for your worst analogy! Here’s a favorite from Sparkler Doctor212: “Her blond hair was as yellow as dog pee.”

15. You don’t have to watch TV! Don’t you hate it when everyone is watching a TV show that you’re not watching, and all they do is talk about it and tell you, “You have to watch this!” and then it makes you want to watch the show less and less? There should be a word for this feeling. And that word should be, Shutupaboutthewalkingdead.

16. Bored, love snowmen, and have a pack of gum? Do this.

17. It’s Amanda Seyfried's 27th birthday! Happy Birthday! Everyone quote Mean Girls all day, if you weren’t already. Remember when I drew Glen Coco?

18. Dog of the Day: Basset Hound puppies.

19. Weather Report: It’s 60-degrees in New York, which means you will all have to wait for me to use my “More like Decem-brrrrrr” joke.

20. Gift Idea: Two eyeless puppets! (a.k.a. A pair of socks.)

21. Let’s all think back to a time when The Office was still funny.

22. Finish your Halloween candy, hoarder!

23. David Beckham helped the Los Angeles Galaxy win the MLS Cup on Saturday. Clearly Beckham has helped make soccer popular in the United States because everyone was so excited about the match. It was on just about every channel and became the biggest trending topic of all time. Just kidding. No one cared. Quidditch probably has more fans than the MLS.

24. We’re so close to the Hobbit premiere that you can almost taste the dwarf beards!

25. Quick Poll:

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Who Is The Best Fictional Dwarf?

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