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The Best NaNoWriMo Closing Sentences

The Best NaNoWriMo Closing Sentences

As the last few hours of National Novel Writing Month tick by, hopefully you have your manuscript in good shape. Now all you need to do is add that final sentence to tie everything together brilliantly. Writing a last sentence can be as frustrating as writing the first. You want it to be fantastic, memorable, life-changing, and worthy of being quoted for years to come! These are the last words you will share with the reader, so make them count!

Because time is of the essence, we have done the work for you! Here are some great final sentences that we created. You can thank us by selling your book for a million dollars.

1. The sun climbed above the mountain as I stood alone in the damp field and realized it was no longer a circus, but a circ-me.

2. A cape is just a blanket for your awake time.

3. Maybe. Maybe not.

4. It was all a dream, kind of.

5. She turned, smiled, and whispered, “And that’s why thumbs have nails, my darling. That’s why thumbs have nails.”

6. Love conquers all, except ice rats.

7. This book sucks. What was I thinking. Sorry.

8. “B-b-b-but boss,” said Shaun. “Grapes is just dry old raisins!”

9. Becca died doing what she loved, falling.

10. Pretty good, huh?

11. The winter lasted until it was over and then it was OK.

12. Friendship is a mountain that can never be climbed alone.

13. Soup.

14. Soup?

15. Revenge always sounds better through the wool of a winter cap.

16. Nevermore, not even a little tiny bit.

17. There is more to life than just taco coupons and water slides.

18. “Well ain’t that a kick in the shorts!”

19. They totally did it!

20. And the dish ran away with the spoon.

21. The sparkling sun shone down on the lake of life as the world awoke to a realm of possibilities wrapped inside a gift box that only the honest shall open, but not with their hands, for eyes are the hands of the soul and...word count nailed! Later, haters!

22. And that’s why toilet seats can make you pregnant.

23. Nuh-uh.

Dare to share your final sentence?

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