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Top 10 Greatest Geeky Gifts For the Holidays

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Top 10 Greatest Geeky Gifts For the Holidays

Yesterday we gave you some tips about what to get that geek in your life if you're low on dough. Today, however, we're featuring gifts that cost a tad more. Not much, mind you, but these are more than mere trinkets of your nerdy affection. Behold, our top ten geeky gift ideas for the holiday season!

10. Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair

This comfy chair will make anyone feel like a captain while doing homework. Or enjoying a Star Trek marathon.

9. Batman iPhone Case

This gritty-looking case can cover your friend's or family member's iPhone Gotham-style, with a silver Batman symbol emblazoned on a smudgy black background.

8. Blood Bath Shower Gel

Nasty, maybe. But SO SICK. We mean that in a good way, though! Whether the recipient likes The Walking Dead comic or TV series, or is just twisted-ly obsessed with zombies, he or she can totally geek out bathing in pseudo-blood.

7. Nook HD

We all have that special bookworm in our lives who is practically throwing their back out every time they leave the house because of how many books they have their nose in at the same time. If you're willing to splurge a little, Nook just released its brand new Nook HD. It has a 16 gigabyte hard drive (that's about a jillion books, give or take a skrillion) AND it plays movies and TV shows. Just think, your SO can read Game of Thrones while watching the latest Doctor Who episode simultaneously. Geronimo, indeed!

6. Honey You Should See Me in a Crown T-Shirt

If your Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-nerd friend has watched both seasons of BBC's Sherlock multiple times, then surely he or she will be familiar with Moriarty's famous boast to Holmes about what crowns do for him, and your friend can wear this graphic T-shirt unironically.

5. Star Wars Rebel Pilot Headphones

Did your friend's last pair of earbuds conk out already? Gift an upgrade, in glossy orange rebel fashion. Apparently they work really well, too.

4. Katniss Bow & Arrow Set

This weaponry will look completely legit hanging on its recipient's wall. Plus, he or she will be halfway to a great get-up for Halloween or cosplay!

3. Jane Austen's Guide to Good Manners

The Austen buffs in your circle will devour this nifty handbook that transports you back to the days of ringlets, shawls, balls, and eligible bachelors and how to navigate them all like an accomplished lady or gentleman.

2. Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot

This is just awesome. A TARDIS-shaped teapot? Give your friend another excuse to host you for lunch!

1. The Hobbit Adventure Board Game

The premier Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey board game has been released in anticipation of the movie (which hits theaters in just weeks). Surprise your LotR fan friend with a game that lets you embark on a journey to the Lonely Mountain to retrieve the treasure from the dragon Smaug, fighting battles and earning points along the way!

Have we missed any awesomely geeky gifts?

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