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Let's Play Two Truths and a Lie (Lincoln Edition!)

Let's Play Two Truths and a Lie (Lincoln Edition!)

Quick, tell me everything you know about President Abraham Lincoln OTHER than he rocked a top hat, grew up in a log cabin (Lincoln logs!), ended slavery, and "four score and seven years ago something something something..." Stumped? Then you need to see Steven Spielberg's biopic. Until then, let's play Two Truths and Lie: Lincoln Edition.

He had a prophetic dream about his own assassination.
He had prophetic dreams before big battles.
He had a prophetic dream about Taylor Swift and Niall Horan (just wait, things are gonna get ugly).

Mary Todd was likely bipolar.
Mary Todd was criticized for spending so much money redecorating the White House.
Mary Todd was an Oompa-Loompa.

A lot of people couldn't hear the Gettysburg Address.
There are five written versions of the Gettysburg Address.
The Gettysburg Address is 1802 Ruggles Place.

His son Willie died in the White House.
His son Robert was called "Bob."
His daughter was Betsy Ross.

He studied Greek mathematician Euclid.
He studied the Bible.
He studied the constellation of moles on the back of Stephen A. Douglas's neck.

He started politics in the Whig party.
He ran his first election in the Republican party and the second in the National Union Party.
He coined the phrase "Party in the U.S.A."

Have you seen Lincoln? What did you think?

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