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The Hottest Accents on the Planet

The Hottest Accents on the Planet

What is it about an accent that just makes you swoon? Is it the oddly elongated vowels? The crisp consonants? The "th" sound where there shouldn't be one?

Sometimes, the best things in life are inexplicable. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are a list of the five hottest accents and Youtube videos to back 'em up.

1. Anything from the United Kingdom: Scottish, Irish, or British

Every girl has dreamt of being swept off her feet by Mr. Darcy. Read a sonnet in the dulcet tones of an RSC company member. Listened to BBC News and kissed the television, because the presenter was making the shortage of oil sound so sexy. You doubt? Well, watch the miniseries North and South on Netflix, and you will doubt no more.

Proof #1: We have never been so jealous of a Muppet in our entire lives.

Proof #2:  British and Irish in one interview! Cuteness overload!

Proof #3:  It's The Doctor. And he's a Scot. No wonder Rose was in love.

2. French

Ah, the nation of romance, love, and dining in darkened cafes with croissants and small cups of coffee. The French are born with the language of love. For further explanation of why this accent is so enticing, watch watch Joseph Gordon Levitt explain—AND THEN SPEAK FRENCH!

Erm, we disagree, JGL. Both Women AND Men are sexy speaking French. Pitter pat goes our hearts.

Proof #2:  We've never heard of this film Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet are talking about, but you can be sure we're going to find it ASAP.

3. Italian

Spending sunny summers in a villa in Tuscany. Cruising around on the back of a scooter on the streets of Rome. Sunning ourselves on a beach in Sicily. Riding in a gondola in Venice. All these come to mind when hearing the dolce sounds of Italian.

Proof #1:  Ever see Under The Tuscan Sun? It was pretty terrible. But Raoul Bova was in it, which means we've watched it upwards of 48 times.

4. Australian

What is it about Australians? Easy-going, hardy, multi-talented, and compatriots of Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine. This is one country-that-is-also-a-continent that we would love to travel to, just to hear everyone talk.

Proof #1: We won't lie. We watched this show not because of the cooking, but to listen to host chef Curtis Stone.

Proof #2:  We couldn't write about Australians without a video of the charming, the talented, the adorable Mr. Jackman.

5. American Southern

Whether it's Rhett sweeping Scarlett off her feet or....sorry. We just got distracted the video below.

Oh, Wade. We wouldn't have needed an entire season to finally kiss you.

Which accent do you think is hottest?

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