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Disney Characters That Should Be In the Star Wars Movies

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Disney Characters That Should Be In the Star Wars Movies

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As is common knowledge in the geek-verse now, Disney has made a deal with the devil of disappointment (Mr. George Lucas) to buy his Star Wars franchise for a cool 2 billion dollars. How does this affect you, you ask? Well, this may be pure speculation, but we feel it’s a safe assumption that Disney’s first move will be to digitally remove the beloved characters that you knew as children and replace them with Disney characters. It only makes sense, right? With that in mind, here is a list of Disney Characters we would like to see in the Star Wars movies.

Peter Pan as Luke Skywalker

We know, we know; it would be a crime to change Luke Skywalker, he’s the main hero of the original trilogy, after all. But here’s the thing about Luke, he’s kind of a whiny crybaby. Remember at the start of A New Hope, when he was all mopey because he had to do a little farming? And remember later, when he got even whinier just because his aunt and uncle were killed? Get a grip, guy! Do we really believe that this sad sack will be able to lead the rebellion and battle against the mighty Empire?

That’s why we think Peter Pan would be a better fit for the role. Can’t you just imagine him learning the ways of the force from Obi Wan, delivering cocky lines to Darth Vader while he swashbuckles in the air around him. And remember, he has experience in taking down evil empires, or have you forgotten about his great adventures against the nefarious Captain Hook? Yes, it is clear that it is time for a change in order of the light side. And this fun-loving, Neverland boy is the change the rebellion needs.

Cruella De Ville as The Emperor

Don’t get us wrong, we have no problems with the Emperor as is. He’s like the hateful, disgusting-looking grandpa who creeps you out with his shrunken eyes and zombie-like voice. You can’t really ask more from a person who is hell bent on making the universe an evil place to live. BUT, if we were to go with someone else, why not try Ol’ Cruella.  Wouldn’t it be fun to see Cruella, that evil shrew of a woman, play this part? Can’t you just imagine her carrying on in the Death Star in her typical diva fashion? She’d constantly chew out Darth Vader for his incompetence, blow smoke into the faces of captured rebels during interrogations, and let's not forget the gorgeous Ewok coats she would undoubtedly make for herself!

Darkwing Duck as Bobba Fett

Darkwing Duck is a boss. Bobba Fett is a boss. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that clearly these two characters are interchangeable. So let’s put the masked mallard in Bobba Fett’s shoes and see how he does. In our opinion, it will only be a matter of time before Darkwing the bounty hunter starts getting in all sorts of hilarious misadventures that will tickle us for a good long while.

Rafika as Obi Wan Kenobi

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to learn the ways of the force (pretty much the coolest thing in the universe) would you want to learn it from some old guy, or from a bad ass baboon who smacks you with a hickory stick when you mess up. And not only would he be the master of the light force, he would also be a master of karate. Just ask the pack of hyenies he took out at the end of the Lion King. Let’s see Sir Alec Guiness do that!

What Disney character would you want to see in Star Wars?

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