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CELEBRITY Hot Boy Bracket: Round 1

It's just not fair, we know, but we've done it anyway. It's a CELEBRITY hot boy bracket, and you must vote because in the game of boy brackets, these dreamsicles win or they DIE. (Just kidding, Josh Hutcherson! We'll let you live.) But we are curious which of these famous schmexypants you Sparklers find fairest of them all. We know these dreamboats have actual names, but let's stick with the Left/Right voting in the comments for the sake of this Splogger's sanity.

Topics: Life, Celebs & Stuff
Tags: boys, taylor lautner, zac efron, hot guys, cute guys, rupert grint, celebs, liam hemsworth, celebs we love, alex pettyfer, hot celebs, harry styles, celebrity hot boy bracket

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