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Taylor's Inevitable List of Breakup Songs About Harry

Taylor's Inevitable List of Breakup Songs About Harry

Our girl T. Swift has a new boyfriend, Harry Styles from One Direction. Sure, she just broke up with that Kennedy a couple weeks ago, but we don’t see why she would stay single for long. Swifty is a billionaire, seems really nice, and has cute clothes to boot. That being said, she’s definitely going to get dumped in the near future, because she is T. Swift and if she had a good love life, what would we have?!

Yet, don’t fret for lil Tay. She will use the 1D breakup to write an album’s worth of #1 hits. Plus, in the mean time, she gets to date the (arguably) cutest member of boy band One Direction. Here's what we expect to hear in the not-so-distant future...

  • Teardrops on Your Perfect Hair
  • You Belong with the Rest of the Boy Band
  • Dear John (Er, I mean, Harry)
  • What Makes You UGLY AND I HATE YOU
  • Tim McGraw is Way Cooler Than You, As A Musician and Human and Songwriter and Stuff
  • Wrong Direction
  • Fifteen (Year Old Girls Are Going to Hate Me)
  • Tabloid Story
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Remix)
  • Live While You're Still Alive
  • Up All Night (Planning Your Demise)

While we would never wish juju on any relationship, we're kind of looking forward to this break up. Not just for the music. But also—because that means more Harry for us.

What do you think of the relationship? Is it real, a publicity stunt, or something in between? And – be honest – are you looking forward to the breakup jams?!

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