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Terms Every Sparkler Shouldn’t Know

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Terms Every Sparkler Shouldn’t Know

Many people on SparkLife may not know the many intricated and complicated terms that are used by the so called Sparklers.  For example, what is BAMming?  What seperates a Sparkler from a Spurkler?  And who is this Gary fellow?  This article does not intend to answer those question.  If you want that, go here.  What follows is the essential terms that all Sparklers have no need to know:

Barry:  A friendly Internet personality that lives within SparkLife and makes sure all your smileys appear and comments are never doubled.  Does not exist.  As not seen on Geek Quiz.

BLAM:  The sound your brain makes when you realize you have been on the OT for three hours and your big term paper is due tomorrow.

Blankler:  Someone who logs on, says hello, and then disappears.

Harry:  Potter, not related to any of this.

Lampion:  Someone who looks like a lamp.  See also: Lurker. 

Lurker:  Someone that hides in your closet and posts weird things on the OT when you get up to make yourself a cup of tea.

LU:  Left Under (where your homework got to).

Moonkler:  The Moon’s SparkLife account

RLC:  An acronyms standing for Refrigerators Love Cookies.

Sarcasm Foot:  What one uses when others don’t understand their sarcasm hand.

Speckler:  A type of bagel served in New York, part of a balanced breakfast, favorite food of the Stuckitors.

Stuckitors:  They came for  quick money….and stayed because the job situation outside was awful.

Splurkler:  People who don’t comment on this post.

Weak Quiz:  The part of the show where Josh comes out and tries to sing and we all watch hopelessly as it fails.

Wiper:  The guy who cleans your windows.

Zogger:  A blogger who rants about the coming Zombie invasion.

ZGHN:  Acronym that is pointless and conveys intense emotional dissatisfaction with the state of the world.

Fancy Italic Print:  Breaking the first wall to see what you think at the end of an article.  Considered pretentious by some but what do you think? Leave your comments here.



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