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5 Reasons to Celebrate November 23rd

5 Reasons to Celebrate November 23rd

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and as you sluggishly spend your lazy day, here are 25...or maybe just 5 reasons to keep the party going.

1. Leftovers!

2. Stupid news reports about shopping are fun to watch. It’s the same story every year and it wouldn’t be surprising if reporters just used the old footage and words from 2004. Still, you cannot look away...

3. Shopping!

4. Sweatpants! Why wear any other type of pant today? You better have a good reason.

5. Waking up at noon!

OK, now that the reasons to celebrate are out of the way, it’s time to get serious. I’m not expecting anything for Christmas, but if you were going shopping today and had no idea what to buy, here are a few subtle hints.

1. I wear a size XL hand puppet.

2. I don’t like mushrooms.

3. Favorite kind of dog: Puppy.

4. I already own Firefly on DVD.

5. My birthstone is peridot.

6. I don’t smoke, but I do nap.

7. Favorite Formal Attire: Opera glasses.

8. I wear a size 10.5 “Shoe With Secret Knife That Pops Out of the Toe.”

9. I’ve never been to Italy or Texas.

10. Favorite Ghost: Tie between Beetlejuice and The Ghost of Christmas Present.

11. I don’t have a gallbladder or my wisdom teeth.

12. I like stegosauruses, but don’t love them.

13. I’m not good at solving crossword puzzles or murders.

14. Favorite String: Yo-yo kind.

15. I don’t know how to take care of a potbelly pig, but I could learn.

16. Dragons are kind of neat.

17. Birds scare me.

18. Favorite Pretzel: I don’t know. Don’t get me pretzels. That’s a bad gift.

19. My winter crown is a bit tattered and old.

20. Captain America is my fourth favorite Avenger.

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