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Fall, Represented in Charts and Diagrams

If you missed the freakish snow dumps of Frankenstorm, the smell of cloves and pomegranates in your local bank must by now have made it clear that WE ARE EXPERIENCING FALL. Crack out your gingerbread-colored onesie, and commence eating onions, turnips, and squash for the next six months, if you are one of those people who subsists on farmer's boxes. It's cold, but not Davy Crockett-hat cold, and leafy, but not run-naked-through-the-forest-because-no-one-can-see-you leafy. So what does it all this inbetweenyness mean? Lucky for the good citizens of Sparktown, we just discovered how to make presentations using "Smart Shapes" on our computer machine. What makes the shapes so smart? They know to tread carefully on wet leaf-clip-art. Click the button to learn more about fall!

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Janet is the Sparkitor who most resembles a common field potato, and isn't opposed to pineapple appearing on a pizza. She is proof that dreams can come true, as long as your dream is to share a love seat with Benjamin Barnes for nine and a half minutes after standing him up for five because you can't work out hotel elevators. Janet once had a smexy dream where Haymitch Abernathy hugged her meaningfully, which I think means they are married now. She would like to third-person you on Twitter @janetmanley

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