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AND We Have a Hot Stock Boy Winner!

AND We Have a Hot Stock Boy Winner!

I wish you could have seen the dramatic suspense with which I totaled your votes in the final Hot Stock Boy Bracket match-up, Sparklers. Never have I tallied with such baited breath. At first, I was all "the guy on the left with the scarf is totally gonna win; it's the angst—the angst is what got them." And then I was all "hey, hold on now, the guy on the right is pulling ahead, and he does kind of look like the love child of Jeremy Renner and Mikhail Baryshnikov (forty years ago) cast in the role of Peeta in a nice-fitting shirt." And THEN I was like "shoot, I lost count; I have to go back." And THEN I was like, "*gasping for air* the winner is...."

And now, on the recommendation of Sparklers @My-Fair-Googie and @Allsmileysfly (but not our lawyers) we shall track him down, send him flowers and shoes full of Skittles, and have him mail autographs to every last Sparkler who voted for him. So, excuse us, we have some stalking to do.

More brackets to come! What brackets would you like to see?

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