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What's the Absolute WORST Chore You Have to Do?

What's the Absolute WORST Chore You Have to Do?

What's the deal with chores, Sparklers? When I was seven, my parents bribed me to put my toys away with the promise of a Barbie Ferrari (so much hotter than the Barbie Dune Buggy) and a complex sticker-reward system (I was especially motivated by puffy stickers and scratch n' sniffs). When I was seventeen, there was less carrot, more stick: "Take the dog for a walk or we will send it down to the old folks' home where people will appreciate it." Now that I'm grown up, it's like, "Take your trash out every week or they'll put you on Hoarders." Always someone telling me what to do!

We can't decide which chore is the worst. Tell us what you think.

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